10 Things to Include in your Master Bathroom

3206 Pasture View-10The master bathroom. It’s your haven, your place of relaxation and peace. At least it can be if you take the time to design it well. Some of the top homebuilders in Greensboro, such as R&K Custom Homes, have designed many luxurious master bathrooms. Here are some things you may want to include to make your master bathroom look and function beautifully.  

  1. Accessibility. One of the top ideas to consider is a fully accessible bathroom. Plan for the future or the unknown by designing your bathroom to be wheelchair accessible. Curb-less shower with bench, plenty of handrails, a spacious water closet with high toilet, a walk-in jetted soaking tub, and both low and high sink/vanity spaces are all features that may come in handy someday.  
  2. Sunken tub. If your goal for your master bathroom is luxury, consider including a sunken tub with jets. Step right in and soak to your heart’s content. 
  3. Sauna. Is this a bathroom or a spa? Can’t it be both? Include a sauna in your master bathroom and enjoy a steam to ease into the day or to relax you before bed. 
  4. Steam shower. Speaking of steam, a steam shower is another luxury you need for your master bathroom. Shower in a cloud of warm steam and expel the winter chill or avoid the cool draft of the AC when it comes on during your shower. 
  5. Heated towel rack. After a soak in your tub, a relaxing steamy shower, or a sweat session in your sauna, a warm towel feels amazing.  
  6. Handheld shower head. Not just an item for an accessible shower, a handheld showerhead can be very convenient. It can be held or mounted and makes washing yourself and cleaning your shower easier.  
  7. Smart toilet. Get a toilet with extra features like heated seat, bidet, dual flush, soft close lid, and more.  
  8. Storage. Be sure to include plenty of storage space from cabinets to a linen closet to medicine cabinets.  
  9. Skylight. A bathroom should have plenty of natural light, and a skylight provides both light and privacy.  
  10. TV. Ever wished you could watch TV while soaking in your tub? Want to catch the morning news while you get ready for the day? Include a TV in your bathroom and you’ll be glad you did.  

Choose one of the Elite Homebuilders in Greensboro to give you the Master Bathroom of your Dreams 

If these luxuries sound like items you want to include, your custom builder can do it for you. Working with one of the best homebuilders in Greensboro allows you to pick and choose the features you want for your home. Incorporate all the luxuries available or choose which ones you have to have or can do without to create a bathroom that is both functional and relaxing. R&K Custom Homes can help you design the master bathroom of your dreams complete with all the latest features and styles. Not all homebuilders in Greensboro offer the same customer care and quality craftsmanship as R&K Custom Homes. Call today to discuss not just your master bathroom, but also the rest of your ideas for your dream home: (336) 643-3503.  

7 Countertop Materials to Consider for your Kitchen

3206 Pasture View-24Choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen is a big decision. It’s about finding the right balance between something that is functional and also beautiful, that will also match your cabinets, appliances, floors, backsplash, wall color, and more. If you choose to work with one of the top custom home builders in NC, they can recommend the best countertop materials for your kitchen. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  1. Granite. Still one of the most popular countertop materials, granite is known for its strength and beauty. It is a naturally occurring material that is mined, cut, polished, and sometimes dyed. Available in a variety of colors and grains, granite can match any décor. It is resistant to scratching and chipping, but it does have to be sealed against moisture. It’s best to wipe up spills right away and use coasters and trivets under hot or wet containers.  
  2. Engineered stone. Made primarily from quartz, engineered stone is manufactured to be more durable. It is just as beautiful as natural stone, but it doesn’t have to be sealed. It offers the same polished look as granite or marble, but it typically costs less and isn’t as fragile. It is often sold under the name Caesarstone, Cambria, or Silestone.  
  3. Concrete. When polished, concrete mimics granite and other stones. It is fully customizable to fit any kitchen and it can be dyed any color, including patterns. Concrete does have to be sealed to prevent moisture damage and staining.  
  4. Stainless steel. One of the most versatile and convenient countertop materials, stainless steel can match any décor from farm-style to modern industrial. Steel is strong, heat resistant, and scratch-proof. As a food prep surface, it is ideal. In the long, long run it could potentially rust, but you probably won’t be around to see the day.  
  5. Wood. The softer, warmer look and feel of wood creates a different ambiance in your kitchen. It can be stained or painted any color and sealed to prevent damage. Scratches or divots can be easily sanded down. The only concern: place hot items on trivets, including your crockpot.  
  6. Glass. An elegant countertop material, glass is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. It offers a reflective sheen and can handle high temperatures with ease. The only drawback to glass is that its fragile nature makes it susceptible to cracks or scratches.  
  7. Soapstone. Aptly named for its similarity to bar soap in appearance and texture, soapstone is a luxurious countertop material. It is heat and stain-resistant, but it scratches easily. However, those scratches naturally smooth out over time or can be sanded down. One characteristic of soapstone is that it darkens over time, meaning the color you choose now may not look the same years later.  

You have the Freedom to Choose Any Countertop Material with R&K, One of the Best Custom Home Builders in NC 

The beauty of working with one of the top custom home builders in NC, R&K Custom Homes, is that you have complete creative freedom to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it. You can choose any countertop material for the kitchen of your dreams. Call R&K Custom Homes today: (336) 643-3503.  

Warning Signs that You Picked the Wrong Builder

Tools on BlueprintInvesting in a custom home is something that you don’t take lightly, and your builder shouldn’t take it lightly either. The best home builders Greensboro residents recommend most often are the ones who understand that you’ve been waiting and planning and saving for your ideal custom home and want to work with you to create that home. However, not all builders are as trustworthy as they should be. If you start to see any of these warning signs, consider finding another builder so that your custom home dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare: 

The Builder Pushes You to Make Decisions Fast 

Planning your custom home involves making a lot of decisions that can seem overwhelming. A trustworthy builder knows that you need time to consider each decision because those decisions will have a long-lasting impact on the finished home. That’s why a good builder will start the planning process with you early on and help you make the right decisions as building progresses. If a builder is pushing you for fast decisions and trying to get you to choose more expensive options without considering your needs, that is a big warning sign that the builder shouldn’t be trusted.  

The Builder Asks for a Lot of Money Up Front 

A reputable builder shouldn’t need you to come up with a lot of cash upfront for materials or other costs. If the builder tells you that work can’t begin without a huge influx of cash or that they need a lot of money upfront to pay a crew or get materials, you should be very wary of that builder. At times you may need to pay more upfront for higher-end materials if you want those in your home but in that case, the builder will show you exactly where the money is going and explain why they need that extra money.  

The Builder Doesn’t Want to Sign a Contract 

When you are working with a builder to design and build a custom home, every part of the process should be detailed in a legally binding contract. Spelling out each expectation in detail in a contract is the only way to be sure that you and the builder are on the same page and that you will be getting exactly what you want. A reputable builder should want to have a contract because it streamlines the process and protects the builder as much as it protects you. If the builder you are considering working with says that they don’t do contracts or balks at the idea of signing a contract that is a huge red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.  

The Builder Hides Their Prices 

Homebuyers have a lot of options when it comes to upgrading their custombuilt homes. High-end materials, upgraded finishes, extra space, finished basements and other spaces all come with a cost and the builder should be transparent about what those costs are. When you look at a model home or go through the design showroom and see all of the various ways that you can customize your home the cost to get those upgrades should be listed and easy to find. If the builder tries to hide or minimize the cost of finishes and upgrades, all while trying to get you to commit to upgrades you’re not even sure that you want, that is another glaring sign that you’re working with a bad builder. A builder you can trust will always be transparent about their pricing.  

The Builder Has Bad Reviews 

Check out the online reviews of any builder you’re considering, even if you’re choosing between the best home builders Greensboro has. Those reviews from other home buyers will tell you if that builder is trustworthy or not. Good builders who have lots of happy homebuyers will encourage you to check out their reviews because they are confident that their satisfied customers will recommend them. If the builder tries to hide their online reviews or encourages you not to read the reviews that’s a good sign that the builder is not a builder you should trust. 

R&K Custom Homes is a builder you can trust. Call (336) 643-3503 today to start planning your dream custom home.  

Hot Products and Materials Used in New Home Construction

IMG_5992New home construction is increasing every year because homeowners want homes that include cutting-edge trends and design elements, and give families the function they need. By working with a custom home builder, Greensboro residents can design a home that is built for the way that today’s families live. When you are ready to build a home, look at using some of the hottest products and materials used in new home construction today to give new homes more curb appeal, make them functional, and give homebuyers the safety and durability they want in a new home. Some of the hot trending products that are being used in new home construction in 2019 are: 

Reclaimed Wood Used for Floors and Cabinets 

Reclaimed wood is a hot trend in new home construction because of the unique properties that it has and because it’s a sustainable building material. Homebuyers who want to reduce their environmental footprint might prefer using recycled materials in their homes, and gorgeous reclaimed wood is ideal for flooring and for kitchen or office cabinetry.  Reclaimed wood is wood that is salvaged from old factories, barns, and other old buildings when they are torn down. The wood is washed thoroughly and recut into lumber of different sizes. The original finish, scratches, and patina is left on the wood so that each piece is unique and has a lot of character. The salvaged wood can then be cut into flooring pieces or used as cabinetry or to provide decorative accents throughout the home. Reclaimed wood is extremely sturdy and durable, which makes it a great choice for homebuyers with pets or large families.  

Smart Home Devices and Appliances Throughout the Home 

Smart home technology is quickly becoming something that new home buyers expect to see in their homes. From smart security systems that are designed to integrate seamlessly with Artificial Intelligence devices to high end smart kitchen appliances, new home builders are embracing smart home technology because it’s what buyers want. Smart kitchen appliances are energy efficient and make life at home easier and safer for families. Smart washers and dryers with small footprints are minimizing the risks of popular second floor laundry while making the home energy efficient and easy to run. New construction homes are designed with the future in mind so that the home can be upgraded to accommodate new technology as new smart home devices hit the market.  

Fiber Cement Siding  

Fiber cement siding is one of the many ways that a custom home builder in Greensboro can give homebuyers the classic elegance and curb appeal that they want while also giving them energy efficient turnkey homes. Fiber cement siding is made from an innovative material that looks like gorgeous traditional wood shingles and is perfect for giving homes a beautiful vintage look. There are many colors of fiber cement siding available that will please homeowners and fit within a color scheme that may be required by an HOA. This type of siding will easily last 20 years or more with very simple routine maintenance. It is fire resistant, pest resistant, and won’t fade or crack from the sun or bad weather.  


Shiplap is definitely having a design moment and new home builders are using this versatile and durable wood as a way to add personality and vintage appeal to new homes. Shiplap can be used in almost any room of the home to add visual interest and charm. It’s being used to create paneling in interior rooms as well as being added to kitchen islands and builtin shelving to make new homes look rustic and comfortable.  

Design Your New Home with a Cutting-Edge Custom Home Builder in Greensboro: R&K

With so many great new products available to create your dream home there’s never been a better time to work with a custom home builder that Greensboro residents can trust, like R& K Custom Homes. Call now to start designing the forever home you’ve been waiting for.  

Tips for Managing the Many Detail Selections When Building a Custom Home

Photo of a new home for sale in Greensboro NCBuilding a custom home is an amazing experience. Your choices are virtually limitless, so you can create a home that includes all of your wants and needs. At the same time, so many choices can be overwhelming when you’re working with a custom home builder in Greensboro, NC. Here are some tips for managing the many detail selections when building a custom home.  

There’s No Hurry: You Can Take your Time Making your Selections 

One of the myths about building a custom home is that you have to hurry up and make all the decisions at the beginning. In actuality, the decisions will come along gradually throughout the process. During the initial consultation with your custom home builder in Greensboro, NC you’ll discuss the basic ideas that you have so that your builder can start to develop a rough plan to tweak later. You won’t need to choose your paint colors on day one. There will be plenty of time for interior décor and other decisions on down the road. 

Many of your Selections can be Changed Later 

Some people have a fear of making a choice and then regretting it later. The good news is that most of the decisions you make can be changed prior to implementation. Your builder will guide you through the timeline of building in such a way that you will always have at least a few days, if not weeks, to think about any decision you make and change your mind if you choose. That should take a load off your mind when it comes to custom home building.  

Your Builder can Offer you a Smaller Set of Selections  

Do you tend to get overwhelmed when you have too many choices? If so, let your builder, the one with all the experience, narrow down your choices for you to a smaller selection of recommendations. Builders and interior designers have an eye for what works in a home based on the many previous homes they have built. And after working with you and getting to know you, a builder will have a general idea of your style and tastes.  

Communication is the Key to a Healthy Relationship, Even the One Between you and your Builder 

One of the first things to establish with your builder is everyone’s preferred method of communication. Do you prefer to receive an email with possible selections? Or would you prefer a text? Maybe you’d rather meet in person, speak on the phone, or do a video call any time you have a choice to make. You’ll need to establish the best line of communication between you and your builder. That alone will eliminate the potential stress that can come from miscommunication.  

R&K Custom Homes Takes the Stress out of Home Building 

If you want a stress-free home building process, work with R&K Custom Homes, a leading custom home builder in Greensboro, NC. R&K will guide you through the process so that the many decisions you need to make will be easily manageable. Call (336) 643-3503.  

Tips for Creating a Kid-Friendly Custom Home

baby playing in homeMore often than not, custom homes are built for families. Kids are one of the biggest reasons to build a custom home. Keeping the kids in mind when designing your home can make parents’ lives much easier. When it comes to the design of your home, you’ll want to work with one of the homebuilders in NC who have experience and plenty of great ideas for building a kid-friendly home. Keep these tips in mind and discuss them with your builder. 

  • Plenty of storage. You can never have too much storage when you have kids. And that means every room. Obviously bedrooms and playrooms should have cabinets, shelves, and cubbies for clothes and toys, but don’t forget to put ample storage in bathrooms, the kitchen, and even outside in the garage or backyard. And more often than not you’ll want closed storage to keep the mess out of sight.  
  • Durable flooring. Floors in homes with kids receive the toughest traffic. One of the most durable floor materials available right now is vinyl. It is virtually indestructible and wipes up easily. It is also softer on feet and knees than hardwoods, laminate, tile, or stone. It also mimics hardwood, offering the same classic look with a different feel.  
  • Easy-to-clean paint. Gloss, semi-gloss, or eggshell paint wipes up much more easily than flat. As long as walls are professionally painted, a little shine won’t cramp your style.  
  • Kid-friendly bathrooms. One of the most important places to incorporate kid-friendly features is the bathroom. Consider floating vanities so that stools can be stored underneath. Install toilets with built-in toddler seats for potty-training. If kids will be sharing a bathroom, include multiple sinks so there aren’t battles over teeth brushing. Consider including a bathroom for every bedroom, which will come in handy during the teen years.  
  • Play spaces near main living areas. If you think your kids will be happy to play way off in a secluded playroom on a different floor of your home, think again. Young children naturally want to be near their parents and any other adult in the home. Incorporate play areas into your main living areas, such as the kitchen and living room. In kitchens, consider a kid-size counter for them to play, color, and pretend to cook with you (or actually cook with you once they are old enough). Build a small playroom right off the main living room where the toys can live while the rest of the living area can remain more adult-friendly.  
  • Outdoor play and safety features. Consider fencing in your yard for safety and privacy. If you include a deck, build in a safety railing and gate. Thinking about a pool? Safety features are more important with pools than any other outdoor recreational area. Be sure to install locking gates with alarms if you have young children.  

The Top Homebuilders in NC, Such as R&K, Create Kid-Friendly Custom Homes 

Looking for the best of all the custom homebuilders in NC who can create the ultimate kid-friendly home? R&K Custom Homes specializes in building homes for families with children of all ages. Whatever the ages of your children, you can plan for the future by building in features that will not only help now, but make life easier down the road. Talk to the experts at R&K Custom Homes about your kid-oriented needs. Call (336) 643-3503.  

6 Things You Should Know About The Custom Home Building Process

2z3a9788Once you have decided to choose one of the fine custom homebuilders Greensboro has to offer, there are some things that you should know about how the custom home building process works. The more you understand about the process of buying and building a custom home, the better prepared you will be. Here are six of the primary things that you should know about the process before you get started on the design of your custom home: 

Pre-Planning Your Home Must-Haves And Wish List Is Very Important  

When you start designing a custom home with a custom home builder you should already have a list of the features that you must have in your new home as well as a wish list of features that you’d like to have if they can be worked into the design. Because the home building process does take some time, the sooner you have those lists completed the sooner the process can get started and the faster your home will be done. Spend some time thinking about the features and elements that you want in your custom home so you will be ready to start the design process.  

There May Be A Loan For Each Part Of The Process 

Unlike buying an existing home there could be several loans involved in the purchase of a custom home. You could possibly have a mortgage for the finished home, a loan to buy the land that the home will sit on, and a construction loan to pay for the building of the home. Some builders will finance the construction of the home themselves. Be sure that you understand the unique financing of a custom built home before you sign a contract. 

The Reputation Of The Builder Can Impact Your Financing 

Choosing the right homebuilder is important to make sure that you get the quality home that you want. It’s also important because when you apply for financing, the finance company or bank will consider the reputation of the homebuilder as well as your financial information when they are making the decision on whether or not to approve you. Make sure that you thoroughly check out any custom home builders that you are thinking of working with and double check that they have a good reputation in the industry.  

The Home Size You Choose Should Be In Scale With The Land 

A common mistake that people make when planning a custom home is planning a home that is out of scale with the piece of land that it sits on. The size of your home should be balanced with the size of the plot of land that it will be built on so that you don’t end up with a very large house on a very small piece of land or vice versa. Talk to your builder and get expert recommendations when it comes to deciding on the size of the house.  

Plan On It Taking About A Year To Build A Custom Home 

As a general rule of thumb, you should plan on a custom built home taking about a year to complete from start to finish. It may be done in as little as six months but it’s best to plan on it taking at least a year so that you don’t end up having to crash on a relative’s couch because you sold your previous home and your new home isn’t ready yet.  

A Real Estate Agent Can Be A Big Help Navigating The Process 

The process of buying a custom built home is radically different than the process of buying an existing home but a real estate agent that specializes in custom-built homes can be a big help to guide you through the process. Consider hiring an agent that has experience in custom built homes to help you navigate the process.  

The best thing you can do is communicate your must-haves and wishes to your homebuilder and let them design the home accordingly. If you’d like to see some of the amazing designs an experienced custom homebuilder in Greensboro can create for your next home, call R&K Custom Homes today.  

All About The Details: Finishing Touches That Will Make Your Home Unique

bh8-DSC_0593When you’re deciding on one of the many custom home builders in NC to build your dream home part of the appeal is being able to customize your home for your lifestyle and taste. There is a huge range of options for people who want a custom home, but when it comes to really pulling together a unique and personal style that will make your home feel like it was designed just for you, the details are what matter.  

Custom details that are personalized for your taste and lifestyle are what really give a custom home the function that you want and a sense of familiarity from the minute you walk in the door. So, when you’re designing a custom home that you want to truly reflect your personal style, pay attention to finishing details like: 

Flooring To Suit Any Taste And Budget 

The flooring that you choose really sets the tone of your home. From dark luxe hardwoods to sunny low-maintenance laminates, customizing your flooring is one finishing touch that will define the look of your home. With so many beautiful and practically maintenance free flooring options in a wide range of prices it will be easy to find a color and material that will give your home the function that you need while defining your unique personal style.  

Cabinetry and Hardware To Make Your Home Functional And Beautiful 

One of the best ways to customize your home is to have custom cabinetry created. No home can have too much storage, but a custom home allows you to put custom storage where it makes sense for you and your lifestyle.  

You might choose to have custom storage and cabinetry put in the playroom so that your kids can have plenty of space to store their toys, or you might want a totally customized storage system built into your master bedroom closet to suit your style and accommodate your favorite wardrobe items like shoes, ties, or hats. Consider having some custom cabinetry built into the mudroom so that each person in the family has a designated place to put their shoes, coats, backpacks, and other items. 

 You can work with your custom home designer to have storage and cabinetry built into any part of the home. Don’t forget to choose custom hardware for those cabinets as well. Small details like cabinetry hardware and crown molding have a big impact on the style of a home.  

Lighting That Makes Your Home Unique  

Another finishing touch that personalizes your custom home is the lighting fixtures that you choose. From track lighting to under cabinet lighting, there are lots of options for builtin lighting that will give you additional function in your home. And lighting fixtures such as farmhouse style lighting or industrial light fixtures can give your new custom home a unique style that will be all yours. Smart lighting is also a very ontrend finish for this year.  

Reclaimed Materials Bring Vintage Warmth To New Homes  

Nothing makes custom homes more unique than one of a kind reclaimed materials used throughout the home. When you have a custom home built you can use unique reclaimed doors, barn wood flooring, wood beams, and other items to make your home as unique as you are. Reusing old front doors from vintage homes or installing vintage barn doors in places like the bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room is a fun way to make your home really stand out. You can also have reclaimed wood used as molding or wainscoting in the home to give it a more personal touch. If you choose one of the top custom home builders in NC, they should always be willing to work with you and incorporate repurposed materials into your home.  

If you want to see a range of custom finishes and design elements that can make your home truly reflect your personal style give the team at R & K Custom Homes a call today to talk with a home design expert.  

Buying Vs. Building: Your Guide To Deciding

View from front of houseDeciding between buying an existing house and building a custom home is something that is never easy. There are tradeoffs that you will have to make no matter which you choose. There are also lifestyle factors that might make it preferable to search for a real estate agent instead of a custom home builder in Greensboro for some buyers. Some of the factors that you should consider when you are deciding whether to buy or build a new home are: 

Getting A House With The Right Function 

Whenever you are looking for a new home, that home has to have the functionality necessary to make life easier for you and your family. Buying an existing home usually means that you’re going to have to trade some function in order to get something else on your must-have list. For example, if you want an extra bedroom or a finished basement multipurpose space, you may have to accept a home that doesn’t have the mudroom you want or an open concept made for entertaining.  

When you have a custom home built you can select a home that has all the functionality you and your family need so that you can alleviate pressure and stress in your life. A custom-built home allows you to create a unique home that is customized specifically to provide the function that you and your family need.  

Getting A House With The Features That Fit Your Lifestyle 

Another factor to consider when you are choosing between buying an existing home or having a custom home built is the features that are available and the features that you want your home to have. Older homes that weren’t built for modern life may not fit aspects of the lifestyle you want to have. If you buy an existing home you may have to renovate and make changes to that home to get those high-end features that you want. Having a custom home built gives you the opportunity to have lifestyle spaces like indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, home gyms, or guest suites incorporated into the design of the home from the start so that the house has all of the lifestyle upgrades that you want in a new home.  

Buying A Home That Will Be Right For Your Future 

There are existing homes that have a lot of charm and might seem like they would work for your family right now. But your home should be designed to take your family into the future, not just to suit your lifestyle right now. A new home with smart technology, energy efficient design and appliances, and modern building materials is the home that will take your family into the future. To find out more about the options that a custom-built home gives you call R&K Custom Homes today.  

Home Automation: What To Look For In 2019

smart-home-2769210_960_720Artificial intelligence has been growing in popularity for home use and in 2019 AI devices like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are going to change the way that homeowners live in their homes. Integrating cutting edge technology into the home will revolutionize everything from entertaining to home security. According to some top Greensboro builders, these are the home automation features that homeowners will be using the most in 2019: 

Smart Home Security Is Going To Be Everywhere 

Smart home security systems are already one of the most popular new features that Greensboro builders are being asked to consider in custom built homes. Everything from smart cameras that can record crystal clear images of the outside of the home to smart locks that can be locked and unlocked with a phone app or even face and fingerprint recognition are making homes more secure and giving homeowners more flexibility when it comes to home security.  

Smart Kitchen Appliances Take Cooking And Entertaining To New Levels 

Automation in the kitchen is making it easier to entertain in addition to getting everyone around the dinner table at the end of the day. Smart ovens can start preheating when you’re on your way home from work and tell you when your turkey is done so you don’t have to wonder. Smart refrigerators can scan the inside of your fridge and send you a text message when you’re running low on milk or other staples. And with smart plugs, you can turn any appliance into a smart appliance that you can control with an app or even with your voice.  

Streamlined Entertainment Throughout The House  

Thanks to networked AI devices, homes may no longer need separate media rooms because media can be played and shared throughout the house. You can listen to a podcast in the kitchen and your spouse can listen to the same podcast in the basement. The kids can be working on homework in their bedrooms and with just your voice you can check on them and share a song or a send a reminder. Being able to play music playlists, albums, and games throughout the house means that when you’re entertaining your guests can be scattered through the house and everyone can still enjoy the same music, games, and other diversions. Wireless streaming entertainment that syncs seamlessly throughout the house will change the nature of home entertainment.  

Integrated Communication In Separate Spaces 

For years now the open concept home has been at the top of the must-have list for parents so that they can keep an eye on their kids easily. But thanks to modern home automation parents can now watch their kids from anywhere in the house. The right team of the many available Greensboro builders can integrate artificial intelligence devices throughout the home so that your custom home will enable you to talk to your kids and see them no matter where they are in the home. You can also communicate with your spouse or anyone that is in the home from another part of the home or from your office or even driving in the car. Home automation means instant and seamless communication in all areas of the home. To find out more about these exciting advances in home automation and how they can make your custom home even better, call the experts at R&K Custom Homes today.