Home Automation: What To Look For In 2019

smart-home-2769210_960_720Artificial intelligence has been growing in popularity for home use and in 2019 AI devices like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are going to change the way that homeowners live in their homes. Integrating cutting edge technology into the home will revolutionize everything from entertaining to home security. According to some top Greensboro builders, these are the home automation features that homeowners will be using the most in 2019: 

Smart Home Security Is Going To Be Everywhere 

Smart home security systems are already one of the most popular new features that Greensboro builders are being asked to consider in custom built homes. Everything from smart cameras that can record crystal clear images of the outside of the home to smart locks that can be locked and unlocked with a phone app or even face and fingerprint recognition are making homes more secure and giving homeowners more flexibility when it comes to home security.  

Smart Kitchen Appliances Take Cooking And Entertaining To New Levels 

Automation in the kitchen is making it easier to entertain in addition to getting everyone around the dinner table at the end of the day. Smart ovens can start preheating when you’re on your way home from work and tell you when your turkey is done so you don’t have to wonder. Smart refrigerators can scan the inside of your fridge and send you a text message when you’re running low on milk or other staples. And with smart plugs, you can turn any appliance into a smart appliance that you can control with an app or even with your voice.  

Streamlined Entertainment Throughout The House  

Thanks to networked AI devices, homes may no longer need separate media rooms because media can be played and shared throughout the house. You can listen to a podcast in the kitchen and your spouse can listen to the same podcast in the basement. The kids can be working on homework in their bedrooms and with just your voice you can check on them and share a song or a send a reminder. Being able to play music playlists, albums, and games throughout the house means that when you’re entertaining your guests can be scattered through the house and everyone can still enjoy the same music, games, and other diversions. Wireless streaming entertainment that syncs seamlessly throughout the house will change the nature of home entertainment.  

Integrated Communication In Separate Spaces 

For years now the open concept home has been at the top of the must-have list for parents so that they can keep an eye on their kids easily. But thanks to modern home automation parents can now watch their kids from anywhere in the house. The right team of the many available Greensboro builders can integrate artificial intelligence devices throughout the home so that your custom home will enable you to talk to your kids and see them no matter where they are in the home. You can also communicate with your spouse or anyone that is in the home from another part of the home or from your office or even driving in the car. Home automation means instant and seamless communication in all areas of the home. To find out more about these exciting advances in home automation and how they can make your custom home even better, call the experts at R&K Custom Homes today.