How do I choose the right home builder?

We recommend you talk to several different custom home builders in Greensboro NC and look at their homes. You should always ask for and check references and call the local builders association to be sure they are in good standing. There are custom builders and there are production builders. A custom home builder can offer a quality home with the latest in design and amenities offering all of the comforts available today. For many, especially those with large families the necessity for square footage is of the utmost importance. We are custom home builders, however sometimes a production builder may be the answer. You will need to determine what your needs, wants and budget are. Then find the home builder who fits the bill and that you are most comfortable with.

What is the price per square foot?

This varies from home to home. The lot price, home design (basement, one story, two -story, foundation size and roof line), selection allowances and of course what bells and whistles you would like in your home are some of the things that will determine the price per square foot.

How do I find a lot and can I build on my own lot?

We keep an inventory of lots in several different price category subdivisions to choose from. Yes, we can build on your lot as long as it is locally owned.

How do I get started?

An initial meeting is required for a home builder to determine what it is you’re looking for. We will need to know the price category, the style of home and the wants and needs most suitable for your lifestyle and/or family.

How long will the building a home process take?

New home construction time is set based on the time of year and the size and design of the home. You will need to allow additional time if starting the home during the winter months as bad weather can cause delays especially during the early stages of new home construction. Homes with basements will usually add an additional month to the process. Most homes averaging 3,000sq.’ to 6,000sq’ will run from six to nine months depending on the details in the home and how quickly the selections are made.

Do you offer financing?

We are not a mortgage lender, however we do have established relationships with banks and mortgage brokers with competitive rates and fees which allows us to assist our buyers in arranging financing.

How do we go about a contract and are there different types of contracts?

There are several different contracts. The proper contract is determined by whether you own your lot and are getting your own construction financing or if the builder will provide the lot and financing for you and do a traditional closing upon completion of the home.

How soon after we sign contract will construction begin?

We understand the excitement of starting your new home. There are requirements prior to the start of new home construction that will take any where from two weeks to several months depending on the stage of the house plans and/ or the construction loan. Some of the basic requirements are:

  1. Lot or loan closing and the required down payment.
  2. Approval of architectural and engineered drawings.
  3. Sud-division Architectural Review and approval.
  4. Local government building and health department approval/ permits.
  5. Preliminary survey and approval of house location in site.

How do I pick house plans?

We keep a variety of spec homes available at varying stages showing home designs and the quality of our work. Often consumers will see one they love but may want to build elsewhere and make changes that better suit their family and lifestyle. We also work with local architects and draftsmen and can custom design a home for you or make adjustment to our many plans we keep in our inventory.

What about making my selections?

We work with you every step of the way guiding you with each and every selection you make as well as keeping an eye on your budget. Depending on the budget of your home we also provide a home designer to aid in all of your selections and if you choose they can continue on after this process to help with accessories and furniture purchases and placement once you move into your home.

What kind of warranty will my new home come with?

This is something we pride ourselves on. We stand behind every home we build. You will never have a problem receiving a return call from us. We keep a full time punch employee (all around handyman) on staff. All of our custom homes in Greensboro NC come with our one year builder’s warranty as well as a six year state warranty that we purchase for you through a bonded Residential Home Warranty Association. We go over these warranties at contract signing and again at closing. At closing you will receive a package introducing you to your new home which will include both written warranties.