The Benefits of Xeriscaping

Water conservation is part of living a green lifestyle, and one of the best ways to reduce your home’s water usage is through strategic landscaping. Xeriscaping is the concept of landscape planning that requires very little or no irrigation. This is especially common and popular in dry desert climates, but it is gaining popularity across climate zones. 


If you’re brainstorming landscaping ideas for your new home, Xeriscaping is a possibility worth considering. Some Custom home builders across the nation are seeing this alternative being used by  many homeowners because of the myriad of benefits it offers.   It might not be the hot thing among Greensboro, Summerfield and OakRidge Homebuilders, but that might just be a matter of time.


Conserve Water

The biggest benefit to xeriscaping is that it conserves water. The plants, bushes, and other vegetation don’t need to be watered. There’s no need for an expensive sprinkler system or for any other deliberate watering of the greenery. 


Lower your Water Bill 

Watering your lawn less, or not at all, will noticeably lower your water bill in addition to the environmental benefit it offers. 


Less Lawn Maintenance 

Are you tired of the hassle of yard work? Even if you don’t do it yourself, you’re paying someone to come and take care of your lawn, bushes, and trees with noisy and polluting lawn tools. With xeriscaping you can stop wasting time and money on the continuous manicuring of your yard. 


Stop Fighting Nature 

Are you tired of fighting to get grass to grow in places where it just won’t? In some areas the climate and soil are not fit to support certain types of grass and plants. Stop fighting nature and use plants that are meant to grow where you live with nothing more than the natural amount of rain and sun. 


Customize Your Landscaping with R&K Custom Homes 

If you’re looking for custom home builders that will understand your desire to include xeriscaping, R&K Custom Homes can give you an incredible home and work with you to see that you get a low maintenance, water conserving yard that will complement your beautiful home. Not only will you save water, but you’ll save yourself the time and hassle of endless yard work. 


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