5 Hot Trends in Custom Home Design

Do you want to know the hottest trends to be sure to include in your new custom home? Stylish features popping up at building shows across the country are sure to influence the design of new custom homes in Greensboro NC. These 5 hot trends in custom home design will make your home the envy of your guests while adding to the resale value.

  1. Beautiful bathtub in a custom designed home in Greensboro NC photographRepurposed wood accents. Wood accents in interior design have been used in various ways throughout the years. Using repurposed wood has added a new element to this classic look, including the concept of recycling used materials.
  2. Green or low impact materials. Being environmentally conscious has become more than just a movement, but an actual trend. This trend includes building homes that are considered green and are built with materials that have a low impact on the environment in their production and use.
  3. Merging indoor and outdoor areas. Sliding doors, retractable walls, and floor to ceiling glass make the separation between indoor and outdoor areas of homes less distinct. Indoor spaces can become outdoor spaces and vice versa quite easily, providing versatility in how you can use home and yard.
  4. Rustic features. Items such as sliding barn doors add a rustic element that is also functional. You can close off certain rooms when not in use and open up smaller rooms to make one large room. Rustic features made modern is a real attention grabber.
  5. Elaborate outdoor spaces. As people are spending more time outdoors, patios and backyards are beginning to receive a larger part of the focus in custom homes. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits with comfy seating create a cozy ambiance for entertaining or relaxing after a long day.

Custom Homes in Greensboro are Being Built with These Trends

If you’re planning to have a custom home built in the Greensboro area, you can make any of these trends part of your home design with R&K Custom Homes. When you incorporate these beautiful elements in your home, you can count on the envy of your guests, better resale value in the future, and best of all, your own enjoyment. Call (336) 362-5225 or (336) 382-0728 to get started designing your new custom home with R&K.