To Landscape or Not to Landscape: Pros and Cons of Landscaping your Custom Home

landscapeLandscaping the land around your home has distinct advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to build a custom home in Greensboro, you will have the choice of whether or not to landscape your yard. Consider all the pros and cons before making your decision. 

Pros of Landscaping: 

Curb Appeal

Landscaping the front yard makes a great first impression when guests arrive at your home. Flower beds, walkways, lighting, shrubbery, and anything else you choose to add can work together to make your home as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Better Use of the Land

It is not only attractive to the landscape, but it is also functional. A walkway to the front door with lighting will help guide your guests in the dark. Backyard landscaping can create beautiful spaces for entertaining and enjoying time outdoors with the family. 

Property Value

Landscaping also adds value to your property, which is not only helpful when you go to sell the home, but it helps increase the collective property value of your neighborhood. 


Cons of Landscaping: 


There is an initial cost associated with landscaping. However, that amount can be added to the overall price of the home, which may be nearly unnoticeable. If you’re trying to find ways to cut costs though, landscaping is one way. You can also choose simple landscaping that will cost less to implement. 


In addition to the initial cost, there is a cost associated with regular maintenance of the landscaping, from bags of mulch to yard tools. Even if you choose to handle the maintenance yourself, that’s a significant time commitment and requires a good bit of energy, especially for elaborate landscapes. 

Impact on the Environment

Drastic landscaping changes are not always environmentally friendly. Cutting down trees and using chemicals to kill weeds is potentially harmful to the wildlife in the area. Consider landscaping around the natural elements and using a plant-based weed killer. 

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal preferences more than anything else. You may decide to skip the landscaping now to save money and plan to do it later. However, you will likely find bringing in a landscaper later for the project will end up costing you more. Including landscaping costs in your total home price from the beginning is more practical. 

Planning to Build a Custom Home in Greensboro?

Landscaping is just one part of the process of planning a custom home. It is often tacked on at the end of the process, but it should actually be part of the initial planning phase. The landscaping you want for your home may have an impact on the structural design of your home and where it will be situated on the property. Don’t just tack it on as an afterthought. 

If you plan to build a custom home in Greensboro and landscaping is a priority for you, keep that in mind when you’re choosing a home site. R&K Custom Homes can help you find a home site that will work for both your home and landscaping plans. Call (336) 643-3503 today to schedule a free consultation

Myth Busting: 5 Home Building Issues in the Winter

Building in WinterHave you heard that it’s a bad idea to build a home in the winter? It’s actually a common myth. In fact, there are 5 myths in particular that are often believed, but not true about building a house during the winter months. One of the best home builders in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes, wants to dispel these myths, not just to gain your business during the slow season, but to prevent you from postponing your plans for no reason, and perhaps even to save you some money. Don’t believe everything you hear. Trust the experts. 

Myth#1: It Costs More the Build in the Winter

This one is definitely a myth. While there may be some aspects of building in the winter that cost more, there are other aspects of building in the winter that cost less. Construction expenses may arise, but materials are priced much lower in the winter, which could actually save you more money overall. 

Myth#2: Labor Quality Suffers

This one doesn’t really make sense. Building during the extreme heat of summer is much more oppressing and potentially harmful to builders than the winter weather. Most builders would actually prefer to build in colder weather. Winters in Greensboro tend to be pretty mild anyway.

Myth#3: Lumber Gets Damaged by the Cold

This one is understandable, yet still false. The cold dry weather does affect lumber, which is why it is specially treated during the winter to account for the difference in weather. Framing will not be damaged and the wood will not lose its shape just because it is exposed to the cold. If anything, the wood that is treated for winter will be less affected by the cold weather in future winters, even though it won’t be directly exposed. 

Myth#4: Concrete Poured in Winter is Weak

For concrete to properly set in the cold, calcium chloride is added to it. The myth is that this additive makes the concrete weaker in the future. This has been proven false by years and years of solid concrete foundations, driveways, and walkways that were poured during the winter and have stood the test of time. Even concrete experts will tell you that there is no difference in strength. 

Myth#5: The Ground is too Frozen to Dig the Foundation

This is especially untrue here in Greensboro, NC where the ground rarely gets cold for extended periods of time. Even so, in colder climates where the ground does freeze, there is strong enough machinery to dig in anyway. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Building your Custom Home with Homebuilders in Greensboro

One advantage of building in the winter is that some homebuilders in Greensboro are more readily available to build your home than they would be in the spring or fall. R&K Custom Homes can only handle so many new home projects each year. Get yours planned out with your newly acquired knowledge of homebuilding. Call (336) 643-3503 today to schedule a free consultation with R&K Custom Homes.

7 High-Tech Appliances for your Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen High Tech OptionsAre you designing the custom kitchen of your dreams? In addition to choosing colors, backsplash, countertops, and cabinets, don’t forget to stock your kitchen with the latest high-tech appliances. Not only are the newest gadgets convenient, they are also extremely efficient, helping you keep your energy bills low. Greensboro home builders can help you incorporate these top 7 appliances for 2019.


Perfect Bake Pro 

Like to bake? Eliminate the margin for error with the Perfect Bake Pro. Using a system of scales connected to your smartphone, you will know immediately if you put too much of an ingredient into the mix. The app can even help you to correct the problem by compensating for the error. 

Bluetooth Thermometer

Using wired probes that are Bluetooth connected to your smartphone, this thermometer can monitor two dishes as they are cooking to let you know when they reach the desired temperature. 

Sous Vide

This latest cooking technique involves vacuum sealing food (usually meat) and cooking it fully submerged in water. It keeps the food moist and not overcooked. Sous Vide devices are available or you can purchase just an immersion circulator that fits on a pot you already own. 

Steam Oven

Control your oven from an app on your smartphone and cook your meals and desserts to perfection using the power of steam. You can look up recipes through the app and even preset your oven to come on at a certain time and temperature. 

Alexa-Controlled Microwave

If you have an Amazon Echo device you can purchase a microwave that responds to commands through Alexa. Save time and effort in preparing simple meals and snacks. 

Smart Phone-Controlled Coffee Maker

Tell your coffee maker to start brewing coffee before you even get out bed using your smartphone. Sleep in longer on the weekends and save time on busy work mornings. 

Smart Refrigerator

The latest smart fridges allow you to adjust temperature settings, monitor ice-making, and some even have cameras inside so you can see what you’re out of before going to the grocery store. 


Get the Latest Kitchen Design Trends from Greensboro Home Builders

Do you want your kitchen to be on the cutting edge of technology and design? R&K Custom Homes creates kitchens that are attractive and functional with the latest smart features and appliances built right in. Enjoy your time in the kitchen more than ever by making it easier to cook your favorite dishes. Or spend less time in the kitchen by controlling your kitchen appliances from your phone. Whatever your culinary goals, there are high-tech kitchen appliances that can help you achieve them. 

Work with Greensboro home builders who keep up to date on the latest kitchen design trends so that your kitchen will be as current as possible. Call R&K Custom Homes today at (336) 643-3503 to schedule a free consultation. 

8 Built-in Storage Ideas for your Custom Home

Storage ideasStorage space is in high demand. It has become one of the most important features homebuyers look for in a home. The key to useful storage spaces is to make them functional, convenient, and attractive. You want storage that is easy to access, near the places where the items to be stored are used and inconspicuous so that it blends in with the rest of the home décor. This can best be achieved by incorporating storage space into the design of the home. Here are 8 built-in storage ideas from one of the best of the custom home builders in Greensboro, NC. 



  • Utilize Space Under Stairs. The space under staircases in multi-story homes has been used in a variety of ways from bathrooms to closets. Make the best use of this space with organizational tools such as slide-out panels for coat racks, shoes, books, games, and more. 
  • Built-in Seating with Storage. Bench seating along the walls of a room or a window seat offers ample room for storage underneath. This type of storage serves a dual purpose.  
  • Recessed Bathroom Shelves. “Recessed” refers to shelves that are built back into the wall as opposed to jutting out from the wall. They offer a place to put personal items, towels, candles, etc. without wasting space unnecessarily in a small room.
  • Built-in Entertainment Center with Doors. Save space and include extra storage in your living room with a built-in entertainment center. With a designated space for the TV surrounded by shelves for storing movies and games, you won’t need a big piece of furniture. Enclose the entire space around the TV with doors to cover the shelves. 
  • Accessory-Cabinet Behind Full-Length Mirror. Save yourself trips back and forth to your full-length mirror by storing accessories in a tall recessed cabinet with the mirror on the inside of the door. Try on jewelry, scarves, and more conveniently stored behind the mirror. 
  • Built-in Desk and Office Cabinetry. Avoid bulky office furniture by building in a desk and storage cabinets in your office. Include space for computer equipment and office supplies. 
  • Sliding Storage Wall. One of the newest features in storage is the sliding storage wall. It moves on runners attached to the wall, giving you adjustable rooms with built-in storage space inside. 
  • Recessed Storage Behind Art. Want the ultimate disguise for storage? Put cabinets behind art using the piece itself as the door and your guests will be none the wiser. 


Get these and More Strategic Storage Solutions from Home Builders in Greensboro, NC

If you’re interested in using any of these ideas in your custom home, or you wish to learn about additional storage options, call R&K Custom Homes at (336) 643-3503 for a free consultation. Work with a builder who understands your need for ample storage, who can offer innovative solutions other builders don’t. The home of your dreams with the storage of your dreams is possible to achieve with the help of R&K Custom Homes.

5 Weather-Proof Outdoor Space Ideas for your Custom Home

sec2-featimg_05Are you in the planning phase of building a custom home? If so, have you given much thought to outdoor spaces? Don’t just tack a deck onto the back of your home as an afterthought. Plan your custom home so that the indoors flow right into the outdoors in a virtually seamless transition. The outdoor spaces should be a part of your home design from the beginning. 

R + K Custom homes are local Greensboro builders that can design custom homes with weather-proof outdoor spaces you can enjoy with family and friends. Here are 5 ideas. 

Covered patio/porch

Ideally, a back patio or porch should be an extension of the house with the roof continuing out overtop for weather protection. For those times when you do want some sun, have the patio continue out from under the roof with room for additional seating. If you plan to include a pool or hot tub, the patio could extend to the edge of the water for easy access. 

Screened-in porch

If you wish to enjoy time outdoors without pests, a screened-in porch provides a bug-free zone for eating and socializing. Throw out old notions of what a screened-in porch looks like – the old fashioned type that consists of no more than wooden beams wrapped with wire screens. Screens can be incorporated in a less noticeable way for a stylish, understated outdoor space. 

Outdoor kitchen

Go beyond your basic backyard grill and incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your home design. Outdoor kitchens typically include built-in features such as a grill, sink, refrigerator, smoker, storage space, and more. An outdoor bar can be fun for entertaining and additional seating space. The best part is that you can avoid making trips in and out of the house while cooking out. You have everything you need already outside. 

Freestanding fireplace/Firepit

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits create an ambiance that brings people together. Something about a fire taps into our primal senses and draws us in. Consider incorporating a tall outdoor fireplace complete with a chimney or a low fire pit that allows for seating on all sides. Built-in seating of stone or wood can be both attractive and functional, eliminating the need for folding chairs. 

Sunroom/screen room

An indoor/outdoor room is a highly functional space that can be used year-round. With rows of windows that can be opened to screens when the weather allows and closed when needed, a sunroom/screened-in porch can be enjoyed no matter what the weather outside is like.


Learn more about Outdoor Space Options from Greensboro Builders

R&K Custom Homes can expertly incorporate a wide variety of outdoor spaces into your home design for a fluid transition from the inside out. If you have ideas for the outdoor areas of your home, share them with your builder early in the process so that your home can be situated on the lot with enough space reserved for a patio, pool, etc. 

Looking for Greensboro builders who can create the home of your dreams complete with beautiful, unique outdoor spaces? Call R&K Custom Homes today at (336) 643-3503.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Lot for your Custom Home

3206 Pasture View-46Building a custom home is a very rewarding experience, but it requires a lot of careful planning for a successful outcome. One of the most important steps in the process is choosing the right lot for your home. Most home builders in Greensboro have ready-to-build home sites reserved in new home neighborhoods. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one. Here are 4 tips to help you when you’re in the process of choosing a lot. 

Consider the location within the neighborhood.

Before you even look at the lot itself, consider how it is situated within the neighborhood. 

  • Is it on a cul-de-sac? If so, you may have less traffic, a smaller front yard, and a bigger back yard. 
  • Is it a corner lot? You’ll likely have a bigger lot, but you’ll get traffic from two different streets. 
  • Is the lot in front of a T intersection? At night you’ll get headlights shining directly into your windows. It doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, just consider putting bedrooms at the back of the house. Window treatments help too. Or avoid the lot and the hassle.  

Evaluate the lay of the land/topography

The topography of a lot refers to the land and how it is shaped. 

  • Is it flat or sloping? Land can always be regraded, but it may cost extra to do so.
  • How will the water runoff? Be sure there aren’t low spots where water may sit or run toward the foundation of the home. 
  • Are there trees or other vegetation? You may not have to remove any trees to build your home, but if so, the removal of trees can also cost extra. 

Determine the style and size of the home you want before choosing a lot

Sit down with your builder and get a general idea of the design and size of the home you want to build. If you choose a lot that is too small to accommodate the home you want, you may have to compromise later. If you only want a one-story home and the land is sloped, you may end up with an additional level you didn’t want to make the home fit the land. 

Think about your lifestyle now and in the future

Don’t build a home for your life as it is now if you know it may change. The only certainty in life is that life changes. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you plan to have kids or more kids? If so, plan for a larger home and make sure your lot will accommodate the size. 
  • Do you intend to stay in this home as you age? If so, plan for easy accessibility, such as a one-story home with no stairs and choose a lot that suits the floor plan. 
  • Do you have aging parents that may eventually move in with you? If so, consider planning for an apartment-type space in the basement or over the garage, which may affect the size of your home’s footprint on the land.

Home Builders in Greensboro have Available Lots in Highly Desired Neighborhoods

Are you ready to look for a lot? Home Builders in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes, can show you a variety of ready-to-build home sites to suit your needs in some of the newest up and coming neighborhoods. R&K will help you plan your home design and ensure you find a lot that will accommodate your wants and needs. Call (336) 643-3503 today to get started.

1 or 2 Stories? How To Choose Which Style Of House Will Work Best For Your Family

two story custom built homeWhen you’re designing a custom home the first thing that you need to decide is whether you want a two-story home or a one-story home. Greensboro NC home builders build beautiful homes in both styles so no matter which type you choose your new home will be functional and gorgeous. However, it’s important to choose the style of home that will fit your needs and your lifestyle now and in the future. Not sure how to choose which type of home is the best for you and your family? Here are some things to consider:

Why Do You Prefer One Style Over The Other?

Some homebuyers are convinced they need a certain type of house but they don’t know why. Usually, it’s because of the house they grew up in. People who grew up in a two-story house will automatically think about having a two-story house even if it’s not the best fit for their lifestyle. And people that grew up in a one-story home will do the same thing. So the first thing that you should do when you’re trying to make this decision is to remove emotion from the equation. Concentrate on the function of each home and how it will fit your lifestyle.

Make A Pros And Cons List

A smart way to make a rational decision about which type of home is right for your family is to make a pros and cons list. If you have kids you might prefer a one-story home so that you aren’t climbing up and down the stairs all day putting the kids down for a nap or doing laundry or putting laundry away. If you are older or plan on having this house for a long time you might prefer a one-story house that will be easier to get around as you get older. Or if you have a home business or work from home you might prefer having a two-story home so that you can go to an upstairs office to work away from the chaos and noise of the family hanging out on the main floor. Make a details pros and cons list to help you figure out the benefits of each type of home.

Think About The Future

Many people invest in a custom home planning on it being the last house they ever buy. If you plan on your custom home being your forever home think about the future when deciding whether you want a one-story or a two-story house. Getting up and downstairs might be difficult when you get older, in which case a one-story home would be a better choice. But if you don’t have any major knee or foot problems and you like having two stories health issues in the future may not be a concern. You might be more concerned with having plenty of space for your family members to come to visit in which case a two-story house might be the right choice. Think about the life you want to have in the future and not just the lifestyle that you have now when choosing whether one-story or two-story house is right for you.

Factor In The Costs

A two-story house is great for entertaining or if you have houseguests frequently or if you have a large family. But remember to factor in the cost of maintaining that second story. Here in NC it gets warm in the summer and having a second story with a second HVAC unit can make your utility bills climb as the temperature climbs. A second story also means another mechanical system to maintain and more plumbing and other essentials that need to be maintained. A one-story house usually costs less to heat and cool and maintain over the years. 

Ultimately you will have to choose what type of house fits your lifestyle and your family the best. No matter what type of home you choose Greensboro NC home builders can build a stunning custom home that has all the custom features you want. You can start designing your dream home today by calling R& K Custom Homes or dropping by one of our model homes. 

5 Small Features That Have A Big Impact In Custom Homes

custom home features greensboro, ncAny Greensboro builder will tell you that even the small customizations you can make in a home that is built just for you will have a big impact on the look and function of the home. When you’re building a custom home you get to add in design features that will enhance your lifestyle and take out features that you won’t use. These 5 design features might seem small, but they will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your custom home:


The hardware in your home like the drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, faucets, and switchplate covers might not seem terribly important compared to the other design decisions that you need to make for your home. But all of those small detailed pieces are what pulls a room together. Choosing the right hardware that works with the other elements in the room and the materials you have chosen will harmonize the room and make it look polished and effortless. Even though choosing cabinet knobs might not seem important it is a decision that will have a big impact on how your finished home looks. 

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another design element that people often don’t think about. However, when you’re building a custom home you have the perfect opportunity to create a unique look for each room with interesting light fixtures that will add character to your space. Vintage style light fixtures will give old world charm to new build homes that look like vintage homes. Modern metal light fixtures will give a sophisticated air to new custom homes. And trendy light fixtures with black or metal accents are an easy way to take advantage of design trends that can be swapped out when trends change. 


There’s nothing like custom built-in shelves to make your new home look personalized and polished. Of course storage options are easy to find, but shelves that are built specifically for your home give your home an air of sophistication and make the shelves look seamless in the room. Often built-ins seem to just fade into the walls which makes them an interesting design feature that won’t dominate the room. Having built-ins added to your custom home during the design and building phases will give your rooms a more personal feel. 


When was the last time you thought about the doors on your home? Customizing your doors will have a big impact on how the home looks and functions. In small spaces sliding barn-style doors can double storage space while still looking stylish. And nothing beats the drama of double doors at the entrance to your home or the entrance to your master suite. Customized doors help you frame the space inside of your home. 

Pet Washing Station

If you have pets you should consider having a pet washing station built into your custom home. These are usually in the laundry room or mudroom and consist of an easy to enter a small shower with a handheld attachment and racks for holding soap and other essentials. With a custom pet washing station right near the outside door, you can wash off your furry friend’s paws when they come in with muddy paws or give them a bath in a clean, secure, and escape-proof space where you won’t have to try and hunch over the tub to clean them.

There are so many ways that you can customize your new home to suit your lifestyle and your taste. When you talk to a Greensboro builder about a custom home be sure to ask about all the different customizations that are available. Stop in the design showroom at R & K Custom homes to talk to a designer today.

6 Must Have Custom Features For Your Luxury Custom Home

custom home Greensboro, NCBuilding a custom home gives homebuyers the chance to design the home of their dreams. Greensboro home builders report that homebuyers often work with the designers to create luxury custom features for their homes that will increase both the beauty and function of their homes. Buying a custom home gives homebuyers the chance to design living spaces that have the luxury upgrades they’ve always wanted. Some of the most popular custom features for a luxurious custom home are:

A Luxe Kitchen Island 

A dream kitchen is a standard part of a custom home and today’s modern kitchens usually are large and spacious which makes them perfect for a custom kitchen island. A luxe kitchen island will provide lots of extra seating and storage and can double the workspace in the kitchen. Go big with your kitchen island and invest in high-quality materials like quartz or marble countertops and custom cabinets so that you will have the beautiful style you want and great functionality as well. 

An Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen With Pergola

Outdoor entertaining space is an important part of life in the South. With mild weather for most of the year, people spent a lot of time entertaining outdoors. You can create the outdoor entertaining space of your dreams in your custom home by having an indoor/outdoor kitchen built. A gorgeous custom built pergola will spread out over the patio to protect it from the elements but it will still be open enough to enjoy the sun and the air. A grill, outdoor fireplace, outdoor living space, and a large outdoor kitchen counter with built-in storage and an outdoor fridge and freezer will make it possible to have lavish parties that combine indoor and outdoor living all year long. You will also love curling up on the outdoor living furniture in front of a beautiful gas fireplace in the winter. 

A Spa-Like Master En Suite

These days it’s not considered a luxury for there to be an en suite bathroom off of the master bedroom. It’s a necessity. But the quality of the en suite can be upgraded to a level of luxury that will make it feel like a customized spa. You can put a sauna in your master en suite. Or create custom-built vanities with built-in storage and specialized lighting for makeup application. A spa-like jetted tub and a huge walk-in master bathroom shower can also increase the feeling of the luxury in the master en suite. Heated towel racks, high-end finishings, and other luxury touches turn the en suite into a true sanctuary and not just another bathroom. 

In-Floor Heating Throughout The House

A wonderful luxury upgrade for a custom home is to have in-floor heating installed throughout the house or even just in the bathrooms. In-floor heating takes the edge off those chilly mornings in the winter and is fantastic for people who have foot problems, arthritis, or just hate cold floors. It’s also very nice for pets. In-floor can also save money on energy bills by keeping your home warmer without using the central heating system. 

An Upgraded Laundry Room

A laundry room may not luxurious, but it can be with the right custom elements. Some people prefer second-floor laundry while others prefer first-floor laundry. But no matter where you want the laundry installed in your home a luxurious laundry room that is large and open is a great way to customize your home. Built-in shelving and custom made counter with durable countertops for folding and sorting and custom windows that let in a lot of natural light can turn laundry from a chore into a pleasure. 

A Media Room 

Greensboro home builders report a big increase in the number of people adding media rooms to their custom homes. If you love movies and TV and you love to entertain a media room is a must-have luxury in a custom home. Media rooms are usually in the finished basement of a home but can also be put on the main floor or on the second floor. Custom-built theater-style seating and custom paint and curtains designed to recreate the true darkness of a theater along with custom built shelving and storage for home theater equipment can give you the media room you’ve always dreamed of. You and your family and friends will love gathering in your custom media room for film and TV screenings. 

Ready to start designing the luxury custom home of your dreams? Call R&K Custom Homes today or drop by our showroom to get started. 

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Custom Home Builder

custom home Greensboro, NCBuilding a custom home is a big commitment and when you are looking for builders in Greensboro NC you should ask several questions of any potential builder to find one that is reliable and trustworthy. The process of building a custom home requires great communication between you and your builder so it’s important to find a builder that is happy to answer your questions and will work with you at every step of the process. Here are 7 questions you ask any potential home builder:

Are You Licensed In North Carolina?

Any builder that you consider working within North Carolina should be licensed or only employ licensed contractors to do the work on the homes. A builder should be happy to show you their licensing information and paperwork if it’s not on display in their offices.  If they don’t answer or seem hesitant to answer find another builder. 

Are You Insured?

Builders of custom homes should have full insurance coverage and so should any contractors they employ. Just like with the licensing a reputable builder will be happy to show you their proof of insurance along with licensing information. Any builder that doesn’t want to provide that proof is a builder you should avoid. 

How Much Experience Do You Have Building Custom Homes?

Experience matters when it comes to building custom homes. If you want to customize a lot of the features on your home and create your dream home the builders need to be able to make that happen for you. Ask to meet the design team that creates the plans for the homes and talks to them about some of your design ideas to see if they have the experience and knowledge to bring your dream home to life. All builders will have a model home that you can tour but you should also ask if you can tour homes that are under construction or homes that have been recently built to see if they are high quality. 

Can You Provide References?

The best way to judge whether or not a builder is reliable is to find out if other homeowners who have had custom homes built are happy with their homes. Reputable builders should have plenty of references that you can call to find out more about the quality of the homes and if the homeowners were happy with the buying process. Don’t trust a builder who has no references. You can also look online for customer reviews of the builder. 

How Does Financing Work For A Custom Home?

A custom home builder should be prepared to explain the financing process and guide buyers through the paperwork of buying a home. It’s a good idea to have your own agent who specializes in custom-built homes to help you with the final contracts but you should be able to find out the basics of financing a custom home from the builder. Most reputable builders have customer service specialists that are there specifically to help potential buyers understanding their financing options. 

Is There A Warranty On A Custom Home?

Even though the home will be newly built a warranty is important because there could be many things that go wrong with the home within the first ten years. Be sure that you understand what is covered and what isn’t before you start designing a home with a custom home builder. 

How Does Customization And Upgrade Pricing Work?

If you plan on making a lot of customizations to your home and you want to be actively involved in the designing of the home it’s a good idea to understand from the start how the upgrade pricing structure works. All of the prices for upgrades as well as the options should be very clearly listed for you. A designer should have all of the customization options and prices printed out for you to study and to use as you make your decisions. A reputable builder and designer will always be happy to tell you the price of upgrades and materials upfront so that you can decide what customizations and materials you want in your home. Builders in Greensboro, NC that are experts in the field will maintain current price lists that are available all the time for potential home buyers.

If there are any questions that you have about the custom home building process call our customer service team at R&K Custom Homes anytime and they will be happy to answer your questions.