How to Build Your Dream Custom Home in North Carolina

There are a couple of distinct options available when you are getting ready to move into a new home in North Carolina. You can purchase an existing home from the inventory that is on the market, or you can opt to build a custom home from the ground up. Without a doubt, going the custom route is the ideal choice as you can get precisely what you want and move into a house that is perfect for your family from day one. If you are a bit intimidated by the thought of this process, check out the information below.


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Find the Right Builder

This is the key starting point to the entire process. You need to find a builder before you do anything else because finding a builder that you are going to work with from start to finish will instantly make everything easier. For example, if you team up with R & K Custom Homes, you’ll have an experienced and professional partner who can guide you through all of the important decisions to come. If you are feeling anxious or nervous about this process at the moment, teaming up with a proven builder will immediately put those feelings to rest.


Pick a Lot

With your builder confirmed, you can now move on to pick the perfect lot for your project. It’s important to pick a lot that is both big enough for the home you’d like to build, and in the ideal location for you and your family. The location is the one thing you can never change, after all, so don’t compromise on that point. It’s also much easier to pick a lot when already working with a builder than when trying to do it on your own.


Complete the Pre-Construction Process

Once your lot is picked, you are going to move into a series of steps that will come at you quickly. Those include designing the house and settling on a floor plan, getting all of the necessary permits and other red tape items out of the way, and establishing a timeline for the project. You might be surprised at how quickly these steps can go once you get started, and your dream of a custom home will start to get closer and closer to reality.


Watch It Grow

The active part of the process for the homeowner largely ends once construction begins. At this point, the vast majority of your choices have been made, and now you get to sit back and watch the builder do what they do best. Soon enough, the framing will be up, the walls will be built, and your home will have gone from vision to reality.


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