Organizing Tips for Your New Luxury Home

Moving into a new luxury home is an exciting time, to be sure. It can be a bit overwhelming, however, as you bring your things into the new house and try to decide where it all should go. Many people find themselves living out of boxes for months after moving in just because they didn’t have a plan for how to get organized.


This article will help you create an organizational plan to get your new luxury home up and running as quickly as possible. Of course, if you haven’t yet built the home of your dreams, R & K Custom Homes is one of the leading luxury home builders in North Carolina and has a stellar reputation in the industry and is ready to serve you on this project.


First Things First

In the first few days after you get the keys to your new luxury home, your primary focus should just be on getting the basics up and running so the house is functional and everyone has what they need. While it’s certainly okay to keep the bigger picture in mind at this stage, you don’t have to worry too much about being perfectly organized immediately. Just get moved in and comfortable in the space and you can go from there. Here are some of the basics:


  • Find all of your toiletries and other bathroom supplies and stock those rooms up first. Simply having your bathrooms ready to go will make this house more quickly feel like a home.


  • While you can exist on takeout food for a few days, you’ll want to put the kitchen pretty high on your priority list. Get some plates and cups into the cabinets and fill one drawer with silverware. It won’t take much to allow you to prepare some basic meals.


  • Bedrooms and closets also need to be addressed promptly when you move in. Unpack the clothes you wear most frequently, and get your bedding set up for a good night of sleep.


Organization for the Long Run

Once the hectic move-in process is in your rearview mirror, you can turn your attention to the task of getting properly organized for the months and years ahead. This is when features like the spacious closets and ample cabinetry of a luxury home really come in handy. Also, consider adding custom storage to areas like the master closet and pantry to make the most of the space you have available.


One of the best things you can do to keep your home orderly is to avoid loading it down with too much stuff. Yes, you should have quite a bit of space in this home, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill every corner with things you rarely – if ever – use. Thinning down your possessions will be a huge help on the path toward organization, and you’ll need to spend less of your valuable time tidying up when you simply own fewer things.


The best custom home builders leave clients with a house that can stay in the family for generations to come. R & K Custom Homes fits that mold and would love to work with you on an upcoming project. Reach out today for a free consultation.

Custom Home Innovative Storage Ideas

Can you ever have enough storage? It seems that there are always more things to put away than spaces to put them, so it’s important to focus on storage solutions when planning and building a custom home. By adding as many creative storage locations as possible in and around the home, you can keep your house clutter-free without having to give up some of the things you love.

While searching for custom home lots that will work for your dream project, reach out to R&K Custom Homes to talk about your plans. As a leading high-end custom home builder, R&K Custom Homes has the experience necessary to create a custom home that will serve your family for generations.

Start with Built-Ins

One of the features that gives a custom home its custom look is built-in storage. Often, this takes the form of a bookcase that occupies an entire wall, or some built-in shelving on either side of a fireplace or window. The beauty of built-ins can be found in their dual-purpose nature – they are both an architectural highlight and a place to store some items. If you are going to go through the effort to build a custom home rather than picking from a pre-made design, you might as well go the extra mile to make it look and feel custom. Work with your builder to find the right spots in this new home to feature some built-in storage.

Get Creative with Closets

Closets are where you are likely to run out of storage space first in your new home. Once you have the floor plan established and the dimensions of your closet are set, work on designing the space in those closets to be as useful as possible. Standard closets often include little more than some hanger rods and a couple of shelves, but you can do better than that in a custom home. Additional shelves for folded items, drawers for small pieces like socks and belts, and much more can be included. With such an effective use of space in your closets for clothes storage, you won’t find those items spilling out into other areas of the home.

Get Creative with drawers

Sloped walls under staircases or over garage bonus room areas are a great place to add drawers for storage.   If you need more room for sleepover and guests, a sloped wall is a great place to install a trundle bed that rolls out from the wall.  

 The Value of High Garage Ceilings

This last point seems like a subtle one to focus on in a custom home, but it really can make a big difference. When designing the house, think about including higher-than-normal ceilings in the garage. With ten or even twelve feet of room between floor and ceiling, you’ll quickly find that you have a huge supply of available storage space in the garage – and most of it is overhead.

By creating storage solutions up high in the garage – like shelves or cabinets that are up by the ceiling, you’ll have an excellent place to keep things that you don’t use very often. For example, holiday decorations can live in this elevated storage space, only coming down once per year for about a month. Designing and using your garage in this way can allow it to perform as the storage area you need without cluttering up the floor and getting in the way of parking vehicles, working on projects, or anything else you might want to do in the space.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Homebuilder?

Hiring a home builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire home building process. There are other important choices, of course, like what property you are going to buy and what kind of home you’ll create, but picking the right builder is near the top of the list. Asking the correct questions can help you zero in on the best builder for your needs, and this article will highlight some of the key questions to use in your search.

When looking for home builders in Greensboro, be sure to consider R & K Custom Homes. With years of experience and a solid track record that includes creating beautiful custom homes for many discerning buyers, R & K Custom Homes can be trusted with this important job. Reach out today to learn more.

Can I See Examples of Your Work?

This is the obvious place to start when interviewing home builders in Greensboro. The best way for a builder to prove their ability is simply to show you pictures of previous projects they have completed. If a builder doesn’t have a portfolio that they can share, be wary about investing significant money when they haven’t yet proved they are up to the task. Also, ask the builder if they can provide references from past clients, and see if any of those clients would be willing to talk to you about their experience and how the process went from start to finish. A strong endorsement from one or two past clients would go a long way toward showing you that this is a builder worth careful consideration.

What Types of Financing Are Available?

The financial side of a new home build is obviously a huge piece of the puzzle. Of course, you might have your own financing details worked out separately.  Even if you think you are set with your financing it is good to ask.  A credible builder will know ways to save and the advantages to the different types of loans available to you. If you do need financing solutions, ask all builders you interview about how financing is handled and what options are available to you.

Is There Warranty Coverage Included?

With such a sizable investment, you are going to want to be sure that there is some kind of coverage in place if something goes wrong with the home. A warranty will often be included with a custom home build project, but inquire as to the details of that warranty, such as how long it lasts and what is covered. Beyond the standard warranty that the builder includes with the project, you may be able to purchase additional coverage if you are so inclined.

What’s the Timeline?

This is another extremely important question to ask early in the process. Once you start to work out some of the basic details of how big your home will be and where it will be built, talk to each builder about what the timeline would look like for that project. Even if you aren’t in a huge hurry to have the project finished, it’s still important to know how long it will take so you can make the necessary living arrangements and take other planning steps. Remember, a short timeline isn’t always better than a longer one, as a builder rushing to finish may miss details along the way. The builder who offers the best balance of everything – including timeline, warranty, portfolio, cost, etc. – is likely to be your winner.

New Home Construction 101

Are you considering building a custom home in Greensboro? Before you get started, it will be helpful to learn some of the common terms used by builders to discuss home building plans. This will help you to feel more prepared and know what to expect from consultations with potential builders.


Plot plan: This diagram shows the lot and where the home will be situated on the property.


Foundation: The first stage in home building is digging and placing the foundation, which is the base for the house.


Superstructure: The outer walls, roof, doors, and windows of a home.


First Fix: Internal walls, stairs, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are added.


Second Fix: Fixtures go in for the kitchen and bathrooms. Light switches and outlets are installed.


Decoration: This stage includes painting, flooring, tile, light fixture installation, and everything that is cosmetic.


Walk-through: When the builder has completed the home, the homeowner will do a walk-through and point out anything that needs to be addressed.


Punch List: The list of items found during the walk-through go on the punch list. When the punch list has been completed, the home is complete.


Blueprints: The construction plans for the home on paper. These are what the builder uses as a guide to build the home.


HERS Index: Home Energy Rating Standard. This is the total energy efficiency rating for your home.


R&K Custom Homes Makes Building a Custom Home Look Easy

If all these terms seem overwhelming to you, don’t worry. If you’re looking to build a custom home in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes can make the process easy to understand. There’s no mystery and no confusion. You’ll be fully informed every step of way as your custom home is designed, constructed, for you using the highest standards of construction.


Call (336) 362-5225 or get in touch today to schedule your free consultation.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Lot

In many cases, the journey toward building a dream home starts with buying the perfect lot. Finding the right lot for your new home can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but it’s certainly worth it in the end. This article will offer some basic tips on how to purchase an ideal lot for your upcoming homebuilding project.


R&K Custom Homes is one of the leading homebuilders Greensboro has to offer. If you expect your home to live up to the highest of quality standards, R&K Custom Homes is the right partner for the job.


It All Starts With – You Guessed It – Location

There is one thing, and one thing only, that you will not be able to change about your new home after it is constructed – the location. Once your house is built, it’s too late to rethink the location.  With that finality in mind, most of your time at the start of this project should be spent thinking about where you want to live.


Before you even start looking at available lots, identify a few areas where you would be happy to live. With those spots picked out, you can then start to dial in your search on properties that are available. Identifying target areas from the start is going to make the lot search much easier, and it will save you time in the long run.


The Practical Side

It’s fun to think about the big picture of where you want to live and what you want your life to look like when this project is over. But, as all homebuilders in Greensboro know, there are plenty of practical matters to be handled before your dream is a reality. Some of the many important points to consider are as follows –


  • You will need to look into the current zoning status of the land to make sure it meets your needs for the project.
  • The land itself. Work with a builder to evaluate the land and determine how suitable it is for a homesite.
  • Other rules. Beyond zoning, you might be looking at land that is governed by an HOA, environmental restrictions, etc.


The smart approach to this process is to work with a custom home builder right from the start to make sure you don’t overlook any important issues when scouting lots and making your final decision.



Get Started Right Away

It can be a lengthy process to go from searching for a piece of land to actually moving into your new home. So, get started on your lot search right away to start the clock and get closer to making this project a reality. You don’t want to feel like you are rushing into any purchase, especially one as important as buying a lot to build on, so starting as soon as possible is going to relieve some of that time pressure. And if you choose to work with the team at R&K Custom Homes, you will have one the most experienced homebuilders in the area working right alongside you every step of the way.

Designing Your Own “Primary Bedroom”

The term “primary bedroom” is being used in place of “master bedroom” in some house listings and home designs. It still refers to the main or largest bedroom in the home and is often more of a suite with an attached bathroom.

Many home builders in Greensboro have been incorporating some new trends in bedroom design and are expanding the traditional concept of a “master bedroom.”  If you’re in the planning phase of building a custom home, here are some of the latest features and ideas for you to discuss with your custom home builder.



One of the most popular additions to the primary bedroom is a small kitchen area for a coffee pot, mini fridge, microwave, sink, and bar. You won’t even have to leave your bedroom for an evening snack, a nightcap, or an early morning coffee. In the era of COVID and one member of a household having to quarantine this could be extremely useful.


Outdoor Access

With many primary bedrooms being placed on the main level of homes, outdoor access directly from the bedroom is more common. Consider french doors or a sliding door that opens out onto a patio, perhaps leading to a pool or jacuzzi. 


Dual Bedrooms

Some couples are choosing to sleep in their own beds in separate bedrooms. In one study it was determined that approximately 25% of married couples sleep separately.  These bedrooms are often adjoining with a jack and jill bathroom between them. Many people sleep better in their own space without having their sleep disturbed by the movements and sounds (such as snoring) of their spouse. 


Office Space 

A separate area for an office in the primary bedroom is a common feature, especially now that many people work from home. The office can be an alcove or even a separate room off of the primary bedroom. Even if you plan to include a home office elsewhere in your layout, it can be handy to have a second office area for both spouses to have somewhere to work in peace and quiet. 


Sitting Area 

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping and getting dressed. Many primary bedrooms are being designed with sitting areas for reading, sipping coffee, eating, or watching TV. Include space for a table and a few comfortable chairs or a loveseat for when you wish to spend time in your room without having to sit on the bed. 


Luxury Closets 

Walk-in closets may have been the buzz word of the 90s and early 2000s, but even closets have evolved to greater proportions. His and hers walk-in closets can be convenient so that both spouses have their own storage space. Closets the size of small rooms with organizational features make it possible to accommodate his and her clothing, shoes, and accessories in one place. Include seating for dressing and putting on shoes. The main point: no one has ever wished for a smaller closet. 


Bathroom Features 

Primary ensuite bathrooms have evolved into luxurious spa havens to unwind after a long day. Consider including any of these bathroom features in your bathroom design:

  • Large soaking tub with jets. 
  • Steam shower with multiple shower heads.
  • Heated floors.
  • Towel warmers. 
  • Ample storage. 
  • Automatic faucets.


Design the Primary Bedroom of Your Dreams with R&K Custom Homes 

If you’re looking for home builders in Greensboro who can give you a truly customized experience, R&K Custom Homes brings your ideas to life. Whatever you want in your home from size to style to features, R&K Custom Homes can make it happen. 

Call (336) 362-5225 or get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder?

Are you in the market for a new home? Have you given some thought to the idea of building a custom home? There are many advantages to hiring a custom homebuilder to design and construct your home. Custom homebuilders create original homes that are unique to each buyer. No two homes are exactly alike. The homeowner tells the builder what they want in a home, and the homebuilder builds a home that meets their specific needs and desires. 

Not sure if building a custom home is right for you? Consider the advantages. 

Own a Truly Unique Home

Do you want a cookie cutter home that looks similar but slightly different than the other homes on your street? Or do you want a truly original home that stands out from the rest? If you want a home that makes a statement and portrays the collective personality of your family, hire a custom homebuilder. Custom homebuilders listen to what you need and want in a home and create an original design just for you. 


You could order a spec home from a short list of styles and get to make a few decisions regarding paint colors and flooring materials. Or you could work with a custom builder and have the ability to build a home in your style that incorporates all of the features and design elements you’ve always wanted in a home. A custom builder is the difference between your dream home and a pretty good home. 


Have Your Choice of Homesites

Does the lot your home will be built on matter to you as much as the home itself? If you have a certain piece of land or a particular type of home site in mind, custom homebuilders are usually willing to build wherever you want. Whether you’ve inherited family land or bought a plot somewhere with a beautiful view, a custom builder can design and build you a home that works with the land. 


Wooded site, partially wooded, sloping, flat, great view, lake view, etc., you have the choice where your dream home will be built. Just make sure to find a home builder who has experience building on the type of lot you want. 


A Myriad of Options

Do you like to have a lot of choices when it comes to your home? When you build a custom home, you can choose any materials, colors, features, textures, lighting, and layout that you want. There are virtually no limitations to what you can do with your home. Interior design elements, exterior style and landscaping, every piece that goes into your home can be your exact choice. 


Do you feel overwhelmed when there are too many choices? Explain this feeling to your builder. Custom builders are experts at home design and decor, so if you need suggestions, they are ready to make recommendations. Not sure which tile to choose in the bathroom? Not sure if the kitchen backsplash will work with the countertops? No problem. Your builder can show you examples of homes they have built with different color and design elements so that you can see them in use and decide what you like. 


Quality Materials and Craftsmanship 

When you choose a reputable builder, you can ensure that the materials and the craftsmanship will be good quality. A builder who has established a good reputation in the community has earned that reputation through hard work and excellent results. For a builder to keep their good reputation, they know they must continue to deliver quality homes for every customer. 


What are the Advantages of Hiring R&K Custom Homes?

R&K Custom Homes builds with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. The homes we build are held to the highest standards in the industry. R&K builds homes in the most highly desired, up and coming neighborhoods in Greensboro and the surrounding area. When you work with R&K Custom Homes, the final product is a truly original home that doesn’t even compare to the other homes you’ve seen before. This home will be truly yours, down to every last detail. Now is the time to build the home of your dreams. 


Call (336) 643-3505  to schedule a consultation. The Experts at R and K look forward to working with you to build your dream home. 

The Benefits of Xeriscaping

Water conservation is part of living a green lifestyle, and one of the best ways to reduce your home’s water usage is through strategic landscaping. Xeriscaping is the concept of landscape planning that requires very little or no irrigation. This is especially common and popular in dry desert climates, but it is gaining popularity across climate zones. 


If you’re brainstorming landscaping ideas for your new home, Xeriscaping is a possibility worth considering. Some Custom home builders across the nation are seeing this alternative being used by  many homeowners because of the myriad of benefits it offers.   It might not be the hot thing among Greensboro, Summerfield and OakRidge Homebuilders, but that might just be a matter of time.


Conserve Water

The biggest benefit to xeriscaping is that it conserves water. The plants, bushes, and other vegetation don’t need to be watered. There’s no need for an expensive sprinkler system or for any other deliberate watering of the greenery. 


Lower your Water Bill 

Watering your lawn less, or not at all, will noticeably lower your water bill in addition to the environmental benefit it offers. 


Less Lawn Maintenance 

Are you tired of the hassle of yard work? Even if you don’t do it yourself, you’re paying someone to come and take care of your lawn, bushes, and trees with noisy and polluting lawn tools. With xeriscaping you can stop wasting time and money on the continuous manicuring of your yard. 


Stop Fighting Nature 

Are you tired of fighting to get grass to grow in places where it just won’t? In some areas the climate and soil are not fit to support certain types of grass and plants. Stop fighting nature and use plants that are meant to grow where you live with nothing more than the natural amount of rain and sun. 


Customize Your Landscaping with R&K Custom Homes 

If you’re looking for custom home builders that will understand your desire to include xeriscaping, R&K Custom Homes can give you an incredible home and work with you to see that you get a low maintenance, water conserving yard that will complement your beautiful home. Not only will you save water, but you’ll save yourself the time and hassle of endless yard work. 


Call (336) 362-5225 today or get in touch to schedule a free consultation. 

Building a Home with a Wellness Space

custom-home-gym-builders-greensboroThese days, more than ever, there is a specific focus on wellness. With physical and mental illness at an all-time high, everyone needs a place to relax and unwind. Create a wellness space in your home that provides you with a place to focus on your own health and well-being. It could look like a yoga studio, a library, an art studio, a music room, or some other type of space that allows you to be yourself and enjoy doing something you love apart from the obligations of daily life.custom-home-gym-builders-greensboro

When you’re designing your custom home, be sure to incorporate a wellness room into your plans. It can be an entire room in your home, a separate building on your property or even just a special nook carved out of a larger room.

Here are some ideas for building a wellness space from one of the most experienced Greensboro home builders.

A Wellness Space is Not a Home Gym 

First and foremost, don’t confuse a wellness room with a home gym. They are not one in the same. You may want to incorporate a home gym into your custom home, but your wellness room should be a separate room or area. The idea is for you to relax and enjoy the space. Your wellness room should be a space for you to get away from the obligations and stresses of life without having to leave your home. If that’s what a gym workout does for you, then that’s great. But it does not need to be the sole purpose of your wellness room.

Decide How You Want to Use the Space

It may help to know how you plan to use your wellness space before you incorporate it into your custom home plans. If you’ll be playing music at a high volume or dabbling in a loud hobby, you may want to consider a location that is away from bedrooms and main living areas. This is when a separate building on your property could be a good choice. If you’re planning on having a quiet reading or meditation space, consider locating your wellness room away from the main areas of the house where there tends to be a lot of activity. The size of the room will also depend on the intended purpose for the space, as well as any built-in features such as storage or plumbing.

Consider How Lighting Will Affect the Room

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, has a large impact on the mood of a room. You may want to incorporate lots of natural light for a reading room or art studio, but not so much if you’re a photographer in need of a darkroom. Artificial lighting is also important in your wellness room. Soft lighting will create a relaxing atmosphere and bright lighting will provide the necessary illumination for some purposes. Consider a combination of different lighting schemes and incorporate dimming switches so that the amount of light is adjustable to match the current activity.

Add Your Own Flare to the Decor

Make the wellness space truly your own when it comes to the decor. Use colors that you love, textures and materials that are comfortable, and artwork that inspires you. Add some personal touches that reflect your unique style so that the room truly feels like your own. Use calming colors and patterns that will help you feel relaxed. Include furniture pieces that are stylish and comfortable. Remember, you may be the only one who sees this space, so the only person to worry about pleasing is yourself.

Design the Wellness Space of Your Dreams with R&K Custom Homes 

If you’ve decided that a wellness room is a must-have feature in your new custom home, you need a Greensboro home builder who can create a space you will love. R&K Custom Homes builds luxury homes in Greensboro and the surrounding area in some of the most highly desired neighborhoods. An R&K home is truly custom-designed to include all of the features you want in your own personal style.

Greensboro Custom Home Builder

5 Tips on How to Choose a Trustworthy Custom Home Builder

custom bonus room builder in Greensboro

Building a home is a project that will result in something that will be a significant part of your life for decades, if not longer. When you are building a home, a place where you and your family plan to spend your lives – you want the absolute best. In order to get the best homes, though, you need the best home builder.

Homebuilders in Greensboro are numerous so you want to have a process to select “The One” for you.  That is the builder that is able to achieve exactly what you want for you and your family. Below are five tips for selecting a trustworthy custom home builder.

5 Tips for Choosing a Builder, According to Homebuilders in Greensboro

The following tips are the top 5 tips for finding home builders in Greensboro and beyond:

1.    Do Your Research

If you are reading this article, then you are already following the first tip given that is commonly sited: Read and learn about the topic and those you may employ to build your home.

Everyone has access to a plethora of information at our fingertips. One of the easiest and most important things you can do is look up a prospective builder and find what others have to say about them. Read reviews, and if you have to, make some calls. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to knowing who will be building your home. One thing to be aware of though, is that many of the online directories are paid listing services and where a home builder is listed or how prominent their write-up is, might not have to do with their quality, but rather, has to do with how much that they have paid the service.  This is true across many industries so be aware of the source of the information that you get online.

2. Find a Builder That Understands Your Needs

Designing a home is an art, and sometimes artists can get a bit passionate about their work. Ensure that the home builder you are working with understands your visions and has a successful history of completing similar projects in the past.

At the same time, being open to collaboration can often end with a better result than either party expected. A builder who understands your needs will be better able to adjust and collaborate in ways that work with your vision. And although you might be very confident in a particular adjustment to a floor plan or home layout, your homebuilder has likely been through this dozens and dozens of times per year and if the builder is advising against something, it’s probably worth it to seriously consider his or her advice.

3. Find a Builder That Communicates

When choosing a builder, find one who is open about the process and can provide you with a clear timeline and estimate. A good builder will be transparent about everything they do and should happily answer any questions you have regarding materials, employees, sub-contractors building philosophy, and methods.  These questions also give you an opportunity to talk more broadly with your prospective home builder and see how well you are able to communicate together.

4. Know What You Want

It can be really difficult to figure out if a builder fits your needs if even you are not clear on what your own needs are. Sometimes taking the time to figure out what you want before contacting a builder will diminish the frustration for all those involved in the process. By laser-focusing in on exactly what you want, you and your builder can start the project in confidence.

5. Find a Builder You Like

For your sake and theirs, find a builder you can enjoy being around. The feelings will likely be mutual, and you don’t want someone building the home that dislikes you, plus the whole process will simply flow better if the rapport is easy and enjoyable.

Start Planning Your Dream Home Today

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