Are Sunrooms Back?

porch-1046156__340Perhaps the better question is, did sunrooms ever go away? Over the years there have been times when sunrooms were incredibly popular, and other times when they weren’t. If you’re trying to decide if you want to include a sunroom in your custom home design, it mostly depends on your lifestyle. You should consider the pros and cons of a sunroom and discuss them with your new home builder in Greensboro before deciding one way or the other.  

Sunrooms Offer Many Benefits  

Including a sunroom in your plans may be a great decision for your family. Sunrooms offer: 

  • Additional living space 
  • Abundant natural light 
  • Exercise space 
  • A reading room 
  • A playroom 
  • A green room for plants 
  • An office space 
  • A feeling of being out in nature without the influence of weather and bugs 
  • Screened windows allow you to transform the space into a screened-in porch in nice weather  

The uses for a sunroom are virtually limitless. How you use it depends on your lifestyle and the needs and interests of your family members. It can be a transitional space that will change over the years as your family changes. 

Sunroom Concerns Now Have Solutions 

Sunrooms fell from popularity for a time due to some possible drawbacks: 

  • Increased energy costs 
  • Difficult to heat and cool 
  • Recoup value was historically low 

The many windows can make insulation a challenge for sunrooms. The room can be hot in the summer, making cooling costs rise, but may actually be pleasant during the winter when the sun warms the room naturally. It may also be difficult to extend the central air to the sunroom, but that is more of a concern when a sunroom is added onto a home after it is already built. The biggest concern is probably the fact that most homeowners won’t recoup the expense of adding a sunroom in resale value. Again, this is more of a concern for homeowners that are adding sunrooms onto an existing home, rather than including it in the original plans drawn up by a new home builder in Greensboro.  

Window insulation technology has improved in recent years, making sunrooms more efficient to heat and cool. When you include a sunroom in your original home design, the central air can be extended to the room easily. The additional square footage the sunroom offers may be an advantage when selling the home in the future, especially if you plan on staying in the home for many years.  

Make the Best Decision for You 

The biggest advantage to custom home building is that your home can be exactly what you want. If you want a sunroom, have a sunroom. Don’t include one just because it’s the popular choice, and don’t let the drawbacks dissuade you from getting what you want. Weigh the pros and cons, think about your lifestyle, and discuss the options with your new home builder in Greensboro. New technology has made sunrooms much more efficient and useful for families. Your builder will know how to design a sunroom with the best possible benefits. Call R&K Custom Homes today to start planning your dream home, with or without a sunroom. (336) 643-3503.

5 Common Home Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

beautifully decorated living roomDecorating can be difficult. Not everyone has a natural eye for home décor, and if you fear you may be lacking in that particular skill, don’t worry. When you work with custom home builders in NC to design your new home, your interior will be like a fresh canvas to develop as you please. Even if you don’t wish to hire an interior decorator, you can still achieve the look you want by avoiding these 5 common home decorating mistakes.  

  1. Wrong-Sized Furniture. The furniture you choose has the biggest impact on the interior décor of your home. Choosing items that are too big or too small for the space can make a room look all wrong. Before you shop for furniture, measure your rooms to be sure you know what will fit and what won’t.  
  2. Bad Lighting. Too much light or too little light can be a problem for any room. Think about the purpose of the room and design the lighting to be functional and to set the right mood. Dimmer switches are ideal because you can brighten the lights when you need more light and dim them when you want a softer atmosphere.  
  3. Misplaced or Improperly-Sized Rugs. A rug that is too big, too small, or out of place can ruin the décor of a room. The living room rug should be the size of the seating area only. A dining room rug should fit the size and shape of the table, leaving some room around the edges for chair legs to remain on the rug even when pulled out for seating. Foyer rugs or hallways runners should lay in the direction that traffic moves naturally.  
  4. Wall Art Too High or Too Low. Any wall hangings, whether framed or otherwise, should be at average eye level (between 5’3 and 5’8). Art that is misplaced will look awkward and feel awkward to view.  
  5. Everything Matches. When everything in a room matches too well it can make the room look monotone and boring. Mixing and matching colors and textures, using accents such a throw pillows, will create a complementary look. Too much contrast can make the room look scattered and disorganized though, so be sure all items come from a similar color palette. 

Experienced Custom Home Builders in NC Can Offer Ideas and Suggestions for Interior Décor 

The builder’s job is to design and build homes from a structural standpoint, including the layout and features of your home. In addition, custom home builders in NC with years of experience like the team at R&K Custom Homes can offer suggestions from an interior décor standpoint as well. Working with many different customers and building a variety of original homes gives R&K extensive knowledge of varying styles. Choosing wall colors, flooring materials, cabinet colors, and countertops are all part of the décor in your home. Knowing the look you want to achieve is important when selecting these items. Avoid the 5 mistakes above and you’re sure to have a beautifully decorated home that you’ll still be happy with for years to come. Call R&K Custom Homes to get started on your new home today: (336) 643-3503.

Master Bedroom: Upstairs or Downstairs? The Pros and Cons of Each

pexels-photo-90317There are a couple of different schools of thought regarding whether or not the master bedroom should be upstairs or downstairs within the home. Choose wisely, as it could possibly affect your home’s resale value. If you are building a new home, consider the pros and cons of an upstairs master bedroom versus a downstairs bedroom, and get more information from R&K, leading custom home builders in Greensboro.

Pros and Cons of an Upstairs Master Bedroom vs. a Downstairs Bedroom

Around 2016, it became more popular for home builders to put the master bedroom downstairs closer to the main living spaces and incorporate the other bedrooms upstairs. Here are a few of the pros and cons of each setup.

Master Bedroom Downstairs:

Pro: With the master bedroom being on the main living floor, this can be ideal for empty nesters and those soon to retire because it allows for better mobility and eliminates the hassle of constantly climbing steps.

Pro: This can also increase the energy efficiency of the home if no one permanently resides upstairs; cooling and heating the home can be focused only on the ground level unless there are visitors.

Con: However, with the master bedroom residing downstairs and in the main area, it is more susceptible to intrusion and less private. Depending on where your master bedroom is located and whether you have to pass it to get to common areas, people may find themselves walking past your private space often, and that may be a deal-breaker for you.

Con: If you have your master bedroom downstairs and you do have other people living upstairs, it could be a noise concern as well depending on where the top floor activity is.

Master Bedroom Upstairs:

Pro: More often than not, an upstairs master bedroom may allow for a better, broader view. Not only is this more pleasant, but it might be a greater safety measure because it allows you to see a greater distance.

Pro: An upstairs master bedroom also provides you with more privacy. Most of your living occurs downstairs within the kitchen and main living area, therefore, very little traffic should take place upstairs leaving your private space safe from view.

Con: Residing upstairs could be too close for comfort if you have children, for them and for you. You both probably enjoy your own privacy and this could be dampened if everybody’s bedroom is upstairs.

Con: Another downfall to an upstairs master bedroom is the mobility factor. If you plan to live in the house for years to come, as you age, getting up and down the stairs could become a hindrance.

Where Custom Home Builders in Greensboro say Your Next Master Bedroom Should Go

Having double master suite, one upstairs and one downstairs allows for convenience, more options, and even a current trend known as “night divorce”, where couples are choosing to sleep in separate quarters and opting for a better night’s rest. Typically a home can have a better resale value in Greensboro if the master bedroom is on the first floor but for most people, this is not a deal breaker.

Whether you decide to put the master bedroom upstairs, downstairs, or opt for both, have R&K, the premier team of custom home builders in Greensboro handle the design and building of your new home. Call for a free consultation (336)643-3503.

Tips for Creating Your Dream Master Closet

14960117921_40484c85b1_bWhether you are looking to add value to your home or to indulge for yourself, the master closets built by R&K, a premier custom home builder in the Greensboro area, can be personalized to your tastes, incorporating personal touches such as shelving and custom vanities.

Build to organize your closet.

According to Organized Living, closets are the second most desired feature in a dream home, and are used twice per day; therefore, you should have your closet exactly as you want it to make it organized, pleasing, and comfortable to your specific style and taste. When it comes to building your dream master closet, think about custom shelving to organize and categorize your belongings. A builder may suggest top shelving be fourteen to sixteen inches in depth to store large items overhead. By adding accessory drawers and shelving directly in line with where the master closet door opens, this will create an open-layout feel. Placing a mirror at the top of this will provide the appearance of a larger space. If you decide to add shelving for shoes, consider flat lay and slanted shelves to accommodate your heels.

To make your dream master closet pop and add a bit of luxury, build a vanity or dressing table inside of the master closet. Be sure that your closet has plenty of light or add proper lighting if needed. The benefits of having your vanity inside the closet is that this will keep any clutter out of sight, it is convenient to your dressing routine, and you can enjoy the privacy of being in the closet space instead of possibly crowding the bedroom or bathroom while you dress and apply makeup.

Think about additions to enhance your master closet.

Once you have decided on the custom built shelves and vanity, think about other additions to bring your dream closet to life such as lighting, décor, and a sitting area. Proper lighting will be highly important to see everything in the closet, especially if you are dressing in here. Adding a rug or using a couple of shelves to decorate on will allow your personal style to show through and make it feel more like its own room. If you have some extra space, try adding in a chaise lounge sofa or an upholstered sofa bench.

Trust R&K, the experienced team of custom home builders in NC, to make your home beautiful. Call for a free consultation (336) 643-3503.

Best Schools in the Oak Ridge Area of Guilford County

summerfield elementary north carolinaWhether you’re relocating to the Greensboro area or you’re looking to upgrade to a new home and neighborhood, it’s important to consider the schools in the area if you have children or ever plan to. Northern Guilford County is becoming a popular area for families and young couples for whom schools are a priority. If you want your children to have a top-notch education, consider homes for sale in Oak Ridge, NC.

Elementary Schools:

  • Oak Ridge Elementary. According to, Oak Ridge Elementary has an A- rating and is ranked 11th among Guilford County public elementary schools, where 31 of the total schools received at least an A or B rating. Ratings are based on student to teacher ratios, test scores, and parent reviews.
  • Summerfield Elementary School. Nearby Summerfield Elementary also received an A- rating and is ranked even higher on the list at number 4 due to its students’ excellent test scores that show 72% proficiency in both reading and math.
  • Northern Elementary School. Summerfield’s neighbor, Northern Elementary, is also high on the list in 9th place. Another A- school, test scores show just a slightly lower proficiency percentage than Summerfield.

Middle Schools:

  • Northwest Middle School. Another A-rated school, Northwest Middle is 7th of the 13 top-rated public middle schools in Guilford County that received a B or better rating. Student to teacher ratios of 17 to 1 and test scores of 67-68% proficiency in reading and math helped Northwest Middle to achieve its high accolades.
  • Northern Guilford Middle School. Nearby Northern Guilford Middle is ranked just slightly higher than Northwest Middle, though the statistics are nearly identical. Student ratio is also 17 to 1 and test scores show a proficiency of 61-64% in reading and math.

High Schools:

  • Northwest Guilford High School. Consistent A- ratings continue with Northwest Guilford High, making the entire progression from kindergarten to high school graduation a top-notch educational experience. Ranked 5th place out of all public high schools in Guilford County, Northwest is an excellent high school that thoroughly prepares students for the next step, whether college or a technical vocation.
  • Northern Guilford High School. Nearby you find the next best high school on the list, Northern Guilford High School at number 6, with an A- rating as well. Class size is 19 to 1 and proficiency is slightly lower in test scores, though the school remains competitive with other public high schools.

Excellent Schools Make Homes for Sale in Oak Ridge, NC Popular Among Potential Homebuyers

As you can see by the rankings on, the northwest and northern Guilford County area is a superior public school district with top-ranking schools. If you wish to build or look for homes for sale in Oak Ridge, NC, contact R&K Custom Homes: (336)643-3505.

Luxury Homes: The Latest Trends in Master Bedrooms

custom_house_plans_006It’s your haven, your retreat, your resting place—the master bedroom. It may not often be seen by guests, like your kitchen or your living room, but it should still be a beautiful, luxurious room where you can rest and relax. There’s more to a luxurious bedroom than just the size of it. There are windows, closets, ceilings, walls, floors, and more that all come together to make the bedroom your place of solace. You just need to find the right custom home builders in NC to make it happen. Consider these current trends in master bedroom design.

Office Alcove. Whether or not you have a home office, it can be convenient to have a desk and office alcove in your master bedroom. A section of the room with an archway, or a nook off to one side offers a semi-private space to work.

Kitchenette/Coffee Spot. For those lazy mornings when you don’t even want to leave the bedroom to get coffee, a small kitchenette in the master bedroom can be a dream come true. Reminiscent of a hotel room, a minibar, wine cooler, drink refrigerator, microwave, sink—whatever you need can be right at your fingertips without leaving the bedroom.

Outdoor Access. Imagine French doors opening onto a balcony or sliding glass doors that lead out onto a back patio or deck, possibly to a pool or hot tub. Master bedrooms with exterior doors offer an atmosphere of resort-style living at home.

Window Seat. A classic element that never goes out of style, a window seat offers additional built-in seating in the master bedroom. Sit and read while taking full advantage of the natural light coming in. Soak up extra vitamin D that helps battle the doldrums of winter.

Wall of Glass. If you’re lucky enough to be building on a home site with a view, consider a wall made entirely of glass to enjoy the beauty of the landscape to the fullest. Glass is now engineered to allow you to see out without letting others see in, so you won’t need blinds or shades.

Elaborate Ceilings. Vaulted ceilings aren’t just for living rooms and foyers. Make your master bedroom feel even more spacious with higher ceilings. Ceiling beams achieve a grander look and skylights let in more natural light. Give your master bedroom some character by giving special attention to ceiling design.

Closet and Storage. A luxurious master bedroom is complemented by a luxurious, spacious closet. A large walk-in closet or even his and hers closets with organizational features built-in make for a tidier bedroom and convenient access to clothing and shoes.

Get the Luxury Master Bedroom of your Dreams with one of the Best Custom Home Builders in NC

R&K Custom Homes understands your need for rest and relaxation in a grand, spacious master bedroom. One of the best custom home builders in NC, R&K will incorporate the latest trends and conveniences into your design to give you the dream master bedroom you’ve always wanted. Call (336)643-3503 for a free consultation.

Master Bath Trends for 2018


Planning to build your dream home? Make your master suite amazing with a luxurious bathroom. If you need some ideas and you want to try the latest trends in master bathrooms, consider these possibilities. Then be sure to find Greensboro builders who can take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful bathroom you can enjoy for years to come.

Bold Patterns. The return of wallpaper in bathrooms is a reality. Patterned walls offer texture and create the illusion of space. This can be accomplished by creative taping and painting or much more easily through wallpaper.

Natural Light. Having privacy doesn’t mean sacrificing natural light. Windows that are tinted, frosted, or dressed with blinds, shutters, or curtains provide the necessary privacy while still letting in plenty of light. Save energy as well by using less electricity for lighting.

Glass Doors to Separate Bathroom from Bedroom. Recreate the resort-style bathroom from your last vacation to enjoy every day. French doors or windowed walls can separate the master bedroom from the bathroom without such a hard barrier. The natural light from the bathroom spills into the bedroom as well like a tropical vacation spot.

Ornate Tub Surround. If you like to take long, relaxing baths, make the tub a major focal point in your master bath. Consider a surround option made of wood or tile. For a luxurious, deep tub consider steps leading up to the rim for easier entry and exit.

Serenity Now. Design a relaxing bathroom retreat with soothing colors, warm textures, and a Zen style. Pastels like blue if you prefer cool colors or pale peach if you prefer warm colors will create a serene atmosphere with your own personal touch.

Sliding Doors. For the sake of style and space, sliding doors are gaining popularity. Offering the option to open up your space or close it off when privacy is preferred, the versatility is a major advantage here.

Include Seating. If your goal is luxury, don’t forget to add some seating in your bathroom. Whether it’s a stylish vanity chair or a chaise lounge to stretch out on while you self-administer beauty treatments, your bathroom will feel like a day at the spa.

Plan for the Future. If this is your dream home, ask yourself if you plan on aging in place. One of the most important areas of your home that will require modifications for age is the bathroom. Plan for the future now by installing a low-step or roll-in shower stall, plenty of handles and handrails, wide doorways, and low counters. You’ll be thankful for these features later.

Greensboro Builders R&K Custom Homes can give you your Dream Bathroom

Your dream bathroom should be a relaxing, beautiful room that allows you the space you need for your daily routine as well as a luxurious retreat from the stress of the day. Not all Greensboro builders can give you the same level of quality and style in a master bathroom. R&K Custom Homes has designed and built some extraordinary bathrooms featuring many of the ideas above. Expert designers and builders can incorporate your ideas into a bathroom that suits your style and vision. Call (336) 643-3503 for a free consultation.

5 Questions to be Sure to Ask your Home Builder

Custom Home Builder in NC

Custom home building can be an arduous, yet highly rewarding process. It will require a lot of planning, decision making, and communication. But the final result will be an original home built to suit you and your family. In order to avoid surprises and to end up with a final product you will be happy with, there are some questions you should be sure to ask your custom home builder in NC.

1. What is your average build time? Knowing the time frame to expect for your builder to finish your home is very important. You need to be able to plan accordingly when it comes to the sale of your old home, preparing to move, and other time-sensitive matters. Your builder should be able to give you a fairly accurate timeline to go on with a little flexibility built in for weather or other possible issues that could slow the process.

2. Can design changes be made along the way, and how should this be communicated? As your home takes shape you may see some things you want to change along the way. Be sure your builder is open to the possibility of changes and find out when and how you should communicate these requests.

3. How often should I expect progress check-ins? Your builder should touch base with you at various points in the building process. Knowing how often to expect communication will take the mystery out of things and keep you from wondering whether you should be the one to make contact. Review our building process.

4. How does the cancellation process work? If for some reason a problem arises at any point in the process, it’s important to know your builder’s cancellation and refund policy. It will likely depend on how far into construction you are before backing out. You may have no intentions of cancelling now, but you never know what the future may hold.

5. What kind of warranty will the home have? With a brand new home, there may be some kinks that need to be worked out or even some problems that could arise after you move in. Most new homes have some type of warranty that covers repairs for a certain amount of time, typically one year. Find out what type of warranty your builder offers, how long it lasts, and what it covers.

Hire a Reliable Custom Home Builder in NC like R&K

When you have your initial consultation with R&K Custom Homes, you will get the answers to these questions and more without even having to ask. R&K fully informs every potential client about frequently and not so frequently asked questions. You should feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts and ideas and to ask whatever questions you need to feel good about the home building process. R&K wants you to have the dream home you’ve always wanted with no stress. If you’re looking for a reliable custom home builder in NC, call (336) 643-3503 to schedule a free consultation.

Tips for Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

View from bath.One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. According to statistics, the average person will spend a year and a half of their entire life in the bathroom. This is not something to take lightly. Bathrooms also have a large impact on the resale value of your home. When you look for the best home builders in Greensboro, check out the photos of bathrooms they’ve done and be sure you like what you see. Be ready to share your own ideas for your dream bathroom. Need a little help deciding what you want for your bathroom? Consider these tips.

Top Priority Should Be Functionality

Your bathroom should be beautiful, but more importantly, it should be functional. The space, layout, and features of your bathroom should be based on how you use your bathroom on a daily basis. It needs to be a space where you can get ready for work in the morning and also a place you can take a relaxing shower or bath (if you are a bath person) at the end of a long day. Carefully consider the placement of the tub, shower, sinks, toilet, storage space, and any other feature you plan to include. Some find it helpful to have a separate space with a door to house the toilet, leaving the rest of the bathroom separate. In some cases, the toilet and shower are in the same room and the vanity space is separate to allow one person to get ready without the steam and heat from the shower. A separate garden tub is a luxury, but may not be necessary for everyone, especially if no one really takes baths. Pedestal sinks are stylish but don’t offer storage. Plan around your everyday life.

Splurge on the Comfort Items

It’s worth it to put in the finer details that you picture when you imagine your dream bathroom. Go for the tile floor and walls that give you the style you want. Put in the steam shower and heated towel bar that makes your bathroom that much more luxurious. This is your dream bathroom after all. Additional radiant heating, so you step out of the shower to a warm floor, is also a valuable upgrade. Plan for different lighting options; you’ll need bright light for applying makeup, but may want dimmer light for a relaxing ambience while taking a bath. Make the bathroom a worthy part of your dream home.

Design and Build with the Best Home Builders in Greensboro

If you truly want to have the bathroom of your dreams with every feature and detail, you need one of the best home builders in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes. An award-winning builder in the Triad, R&K has built and continues to build luxurious custom homes in popular neighborhoods in Greensboro and northern Guilford County. View the gallery of bathrooms already gracing the homes of satisfied customers. Bring your ideas and dreams and call (336) 643-3503 to start designing your dream home with R&K Custom Homes.

Downsizing in Retirement: Things to Keep in Mind

2Z3A7693You’ve finally reached the golden years of retirement. Like many retirees, you may be thinking about downsizing your home. Though this is a popular choice, it’s not necessarily the best choice for everyone. There are a lot of things to consider from a financial standpoint as well as your lifestyle. You may want to stay in your current home. Maybe now is the time to hire one of the best custom home builders in NC to build you the dream home you’ve always wanted with plenty of space for the grandkids to visit. If you’re having trouble deciding, keep the following things in mind.

Downsizing Does Not Always Save You Money

It may seem like a wise financial move to sell your home and move into a smaller home. You expect a lower mortgage payment, cheaper utilities, and less home maintenance to worry about. However, this is not always the case. Consider your current cost of living and compare it to the area you are considering moving to. If you are making a big change in communities, you may find that your cost of living could actually go up.

Carefully Consider the Size of Home You Will Need

Do you expect visits from children, grandchildren, and other family members? Will you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone during the holidays? If your house tends to be the gathering place for family get-togethers, downsizing may not be the best choice. In fact, you may even need to upgrade to a larger home after retirement.

Plan for the Future

Is it your goal to age in place? Do you want to stay in your home for the rest of your life, or do you expect to move again in the future when you may find it more difficult to get around? Staying in your own home may not be possible if it is not equipped for advanced aging. This is where building a custom home in retirement can be a wise choice. Your home can be designed and built to be wheelchair accessible, have an elevator, an open floor plan, or consist of a single level. Aging in place is more feasible than ever with state of the art home design.

Retire in the Home of your Dreams Thanks to Custom Home Builders in NC

If you wish for a certain lifestyle in retirement, your home is a big part of that. Think about how you want to spend your retirement and plan your home accordingly. R&K Custom Homes can build your dream home with all of the features you want and the details you need to retire the way you have always wanted. R&K builds on ready-to-build home sites in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Greensboro, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale, and the surrounding area. Convenient to the city with all the beauty and fresh air of the country, your retirement can be relaxing and fun. Build your dream home as part of your dream retirement lifestyle with R&K Custom Homes. Call (336) 643-3503 for a free consultation.