Custom Home Innovative Storage Ideas

Can you ever have enough storage? It seems that there are always more things to put away than spaces to put them, so it’s important to focus on storage solutions when planning and building a custom home. By adding as many creative storage locations as possible in and around the home, you can keep your house clutter-free without having to give up some of the things you love.

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Start with Built-Ins

One of the features that gives a custom home its custom look is built-in storage. Often, this takes the form of a bookcase that occupies an entire wall, or some built-in shelving on either side of a fireplace or window. The beauty of built-ins can be found in their dual-purpose nature – they are both an architectural highlight and a place to store some items. If you are going to go through the effort to build a custom home rather than picking from a pre-made design, you might as well go the extra mile to make it look and feel custom. Work with your builder to find the right spots in this new home to feature some built-in storage.

Get Creative with Closets

Closets are where you are likely to run out of storage space first in your new home. Once you have the floor plan established and the dimensions of your closet are set, work on designing the space in those closets to be as useful as possible. Standard closets often include little more than some hanger rods and a couple of shelves, but you can do better than that in a custom home. Additional shelves for folded items, drawers for small pieces like socks and belts, and much more can be included. With such an effective use of space in your closets for clothes storage, you won’t find those items spilling out into other areas of the home.

Get Creative with drawers

Sloped walls under staircases or over garage bonus room areas are a great place to add drawers for storage.   If you need more room for sleepover and guests, a sloped wall is a great place to install a trundle bed that rolls out from the wall.  

 The Value of High Garage Ceilings

This last point seems like a subtle one to focus on in a custom home, but it really can make a big difference. When designing the house, think about including higher-than-normal ceilings in the garage. With ten or even twelve feet of room between floor and ceiling, you’ll quickly find that you have a huge supply of available storage space in the garage – and most of it is overhead.

By creating storage solutions up high in the garage – like shelves or cabinets that are up by the ceiling, you’ll have an excellent place to keep things that you don’t use very often. For example, holiday decorations can live in this elevated storage space, only coming down once per year for about a month. Designing and using your garage in this way can allow it to perform as the storage area you need without cluttering up the floor and getting in the way of parking vehicles, working on projects, or anything else you might want to do in the space.