Nine Room Options to Include in Your New Custom Home

Creating a unique Greensboro custom home gives you a lot of flexibility to create a space that is all your own and individualized for your family. You are not limited by what is available on the market or the few choices that a standard builder will offer you. Instead, you can look into some fun home building ideas to help create exactly what you want in your forever home.


As you work with your custom home builder, you may find that you need to include some specialty rooms within the home, based on how you plan to utilize that space. Nine possible rooms that you might want to consider in your new custom home include:


  1. Butler’s pantry: This is a luxurious add-on that can make your kitchen complete, especially if you plan to host a lot of fun parties. It’s also a throwback to a different era.


  1. Indoor pool and spa: Thanks to some of the improvements in technology and ventilation, you can more easily set up an indoor pool and spa to make your home its own retreat. Let the kids wear out while you soak in the hot tub to make the day complete.


  1. Fitness room: Do you want to make sure that you can work out anytime 24/7 without worrying about waking anyone? Then add a fitness room to your custom home that is completely dedicated to fitness and exercise and set off from the bedrooms.


  1. Hearth room: This is a room designed to be as cozy as possible. Add in a fireplace, some cozy blankets, and a few books or movies, and have a dedicated room to relax, read or just contemplate the complexities of life.


  1. Home theater: Bring the magic of the movies to your own home with the help of a personalized home theater.


  1. Game room: If you want to really be the home where everyone wants to hang out, a game room is a great addition. You can set up a unique space for everyone to enjoy, ping pong, foosball, pool, or whatever fun game you want to include.


  1. Wine cellar: Keep your wines at the right temperature and humidity by setting up your own wine cellar along with a dedicated wine tasting area.


  1. Home library: While most homes have a few bookcases you can set up a whole room in your home to be a personal library for you to sit and enjoy a great book at any time.



  1. Secret room: You are making your own custom home, why not consider a secret room to hide somewhere as well? You can place it anywhere you would like in the home and surprise some of your guests or get away to be on your own sometime. Hidden behind a bookcase that rotates, your secret room can be kept on the down low between you and your custom homebuilder.



Creating a luxurious custom home requires a keen eye and a builder with the necessary experience to turn your dreams into reality. When you want the best in Greensboro custom homes, then look no further than R and K Custom Homes. Call today to discuss your home building ideas during your complimentary home consultation.