5 Questions to be Sure to Ask your Home Builder

Custom Home Builder in NC

Custom home building can be an arduous, yet highly rewarding process. It will require a lot of planning, decision making, and communication. But the final result will be an original home built to suit you and your family. In order to avoid surprises and to end up with a final product you will be happy with, there are some questions you should be sure to ask your custom home builder in NC.

1. What is your average build time? Knowing the time frame to expect for your builder to finish your home is very important. You need to be able to plan accordingly when it comes to the sale of your old home, preparing to move, and other time-sensitive matters. Your builder should be able to give you a fairly accurate timeline to go on with a little flexibility built in for weather or other possible issues that could slow the process.

2. Can design changes be made along the way, and how should this be communicated? As your home takes shape you may see some things you want to change along the way. Be sure your builder is open to the possibility of changes and find out when and how you should communicate these requests.

3. How often should I expect progress check-ins? Your builder should touch base with you at various points in the building process. Knowing how often to expect communication will take the mystery out of things and keep you from wondering whether you should be the one to make contact. Review our building process.

4. How does the cancellation process work? If for some reason a problem arises at any point in the process, it’s important to know your builder’s cancellation and refund policy. It will likely depend on how far into construction you are before backing out. You may have no intentions of cancelling now, but you never know what the future may hold.

5. What kind of warranty will the home have? With a brand new home, there may be some kinks that need to be worked out or even some problems that could arise after you move in. Most new homes have some type of warranty that covers repairs for a certain amount of time, typically one year. Find out what type of warranty your builder offers, how long it lasts, and what it covers.

Hire a Reliable Custom Home Builder in NC like R&K

When you have your initial consultation with R&K Custom Homes, you will get the answers to these questions and more without even having to ask. R&K fully informs every potential client about frequently and not so frequently asked questions. You should feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts and ideas and to ask whatever questions you need to feel good about the home building process. R&K wants you to have the dream home you’ve always wanted with no stress. If you’re looking for a reliable custom home builder in NC, call (336) 362-5225 to schedule a free consultation.