In Greensboro New Homes, High-End Kitchen Appliances are Cooking

Birkhaven-Lot-53-1A gourmet kitchen is not just about the style and décor; it should also have coordinating and sophisticated appliances to complete the overall design. R & K Custom Home Builders has new Greensboro homes that include modern kitchens with beautiful cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances. The kitchen is one of the most important living spaces in your home. Not only does the style and design of your kitchen contribute to this special status, state-of-the-art appliances that provide all the features and amenities also reflect your style and make your life easier. Kitchens provide a lot of value to a custom home. Selecting the right ovens and cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers for your new Greensboro home can seem daunting. Here are some tips to help choose the right appliances to create the kitchen you have always wanted.

Burner Grates and BTU Are Important in Cooktop Selection

Integrated design, superior quality, and high level performance are essential characteristics for choosing a cooktop. Looking at BTU’s and finding the right type of burner grates will help you narrow your cooktop selection, according to

When shopping for gas cooktops, ask about BTU, which stands for British thermal units, a measurement of energy content. Serious ranges are 9,200 BTU and up. Ask about variable control, meaning how long can you maintain “simmer” without the flame going out. Look for burner grates made of cast iron or a metal that conducts heat for better heat transfer from the burner to the pan.”

Ovens can be either a high-performance convection oven, where a fan is used to circulate heat, or a baker oven that is more of a traditional style for baking, broiling, and roasting. Depending on your cooking style, a nice addition to any kitchen design it to include one of each, stacked or side by side, for the best options for cooking.

 Your Custom Home is Worthy of the Best Appliances

Does your grocery list consist of an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic food? Your refrigerator’s compressor makes a difference on how long you can keep the food fresh. Here’s a guide, provided by, for selecting a refrigerator for your Greensboro new home:

 Freestanding models slide into a space and generally stick out 6 or 7 inches beyond counter depth (24 inches standard). But you can purchase counter-depth refrigerator/freezers that will look like built-in units. When evaluating refrigerator performance, quality comes down to the compressor. Single-compressor units that power a refrigerator-freezer work double-time to keep a moist fridge and a dry, cold freezer. A dual-compressor unit costs more but will allow you to keep fresh food longer. This might be worth it if you pay a lot for groceries. “People who are buying organic and better-quality products want them to be peak because they paid for organic or gourmet foods,” Divita says. “You want to get your money’s worth.”

As for configuration, French-door models are popular, as are French-door refrigerator (on top) with freezer drawer (on bottom). Units might have two side-by-side freezer drawer, or a refrigerator drawer that is accessible to children. The ideal (and most expensive) situation is completely separate refrigerator and freezer units.”

 Dishwasher Types and Styles Can Compliment Your New Kitchen

There are quite a few choices to make when selecting a dishwasher for your kitchen. From colored surfaces that blend with your cabinets to the popular stainless steel, there are many dishwasher styles from which to choose. HGTV helps you to make a decision for the perfect dishwasher for your gourmet kitchen:

Now you can get drawer dishwashers, which are easier to load and can be installed at various heights based on your needs Plus, they can handle smaller loads, so they are more efficient. Still, traditional dishwashers with doors that pull from the top down are the most popular style, and they can be paneled to blend with the cabinetry for a seamless look. Stainless steel still reigns in popularity.”

R & K Custom Home Builders provides outstanding service, high-quality materials and customized features for Greensboro new homes. From appliances to door handles, we help you select the best home features that will provide you with long-lasting beauty and reliable durability. Contact us today at 336-643-3503 to learn more about our custom homes.

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