Greensboro’s best home builders help you design a home that’s uniquely yours

best home builders

Anyone who has been in the market for a home knows there are pros and cons to every real estate listing.

“I wish it had an eat-in kitchen.”

“Why is the linen closet so far from the bathroom?”

“It would be lovely to have a fireplace in the family room.”

With a custom-built home from one of the best home builders in Greensboro, you can personalize each room to make sure it is functional and complements your family’s lifestyle.

Greensboro builders, R&K Custom Homes, which has been serving the Triad for more than 23 years, will start your project with a consultation to discuss your needs and budget to make sure your family gets the home of your dreams at a price you can afford. An R&K representative will collaborate with you on a richly detailed plan for your home using your own ideas, custom plans of their creation or customizable “in-house” blueprints.

Here are just a few ways you can make your home unique with R&K Custom Homes:

  1. Custom Cabinetry

Are you into light and airy beechwood or dark, sleek oak? Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the perfect place to show off your personal style.

  1. Nontraditional Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings give a room an open, cathedral-like feel, while lower ceilings create a close, cozy vibe. You can also spice up your ceiling with moulding. Some rooms might be more suited to a nontraditional ceiling than others, so think about what look you’re going for.

  1. Built-in storage

Traditional shelves get the job done, but built-ins are a throwback to traditional southern homes that add instant elegance. Use them for books, movies, knick-knacks or your favorite collectibles.

  1. Home Theater or Media Room

If you’re the entertainer in your circle of friends, a home theater or media room can take your hosting game to the next level. Enjoy the big game or latest blockbuster on a mega screen while sitting in a luxurious recliner.

  1. Nooks

A nook adds a little quirk to any room by making two spaces out of one. They can be placed in a nursery for a dark and quiet place to place a crib. In kids rooms, use them to create a reading area away from the distraction of toys and electronics. For master suites, they can provide a nice place to drink coffee and look out the window in the mornings.

Greensboro builders: R & K Stands By our Work

R & K Homes has a reputation and top-notch warranties that will prove to you that we stand by our work. To discuss these and other exciting options for your new home, call the best home builders in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes, at 336-643-3503 for a free consultation.