Greensboro’s New Homes? Think of Options & Upgrades First

It may seem counter intuitive, but most buyers will be much happier with their new custom houses and find the building process less stressful, if they consider options and upgrades before choosing a house plan.

Custom homes in Greensboro, NC, can vary widely even within the same budget

Many new home buyers understandably look for the biggest house they can buy within their budget. Most of them realize that they may have to sacrifice a bit in size in order to pay a little more for a better location. What few of them think about is that they may want to sacrifice a bit in size in order to get the look they really want.

new home

Once buyers commit to a floor plan for one of Greensboro’s new homes, then it comes time to choose the floors, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets and countertops that are within the allowances set by the builder. This is, very often, quite the unpleasant surprise.

Not everyone will be happy with the basic choices offered. Many hope to stamp their individuality a bit more firmly on their new house. But even one single upgrade in a new home will raise the price that has been previously agreed upon.

Like everywhere else, resale value is important when building homes

Even buyers who resign themselves to living with the basic options offered by their builders, most of which are perfectly fine, may still come to regret the decision when it comes time to sell their house. Kitchens, in particular, are a huge factor in resale value. And this is true of Greensboro’s new homes as much as anywhere else. Even a slightly upgraded kitchen could move a sale more quickly or fetch a more attractive offer.

So what’s the best way to protect yourself from these pitfalls?

Build an allowance for options into your budget when building one of Greensboro’s new homes

Reduce the upper limit of your budget by up to ten percent, and use that as the figure as the top price you will pay for the house and lot. That way, you will comfortably be able to choose many upgrades that will turn your house into a sparkling jewel amongst the homes in Greensboro, NC.

Not only will you enjoy the home of your dreams, you will rest easy in the knowledge that the process of selling your house will be made easier, just as the process of building it was. This is a factor that should not be underestimated.

R & K would be happy to guide you through the process of building one of Greensboro’s new homes. We look closely at your lifestyle, and listen to how you want to live in the house of your dreams. Then we build it for you, including a level of quality that will be unmistakable to your visitors and a pleasure for you every day. If you are ready to take the first step toward creating the home of your dreams, contact R & K Custom Homes at (336) 362-5225 today for a free