New Homes in Greensboro NC Require a Pre-Construction Meeting Prior to Building

lennox11With all of the details that go into homebuilding for custom homes in Greensboro NC, it is important to have a pre-construction meeting to make sure that everyone is informed of the schedule, costs and materials. The more knowledge you have as a homeowner going into the building phase, the better prepared you will be for each step of the process. R&K Custom Home Builders requires that a pre-construction meeting take place to make sure that we are meeting and exceeding expectations. We will review the construction and selection schedule, as well as the change orders and allowance summary.

What are some of the benefits of having a pre-construction meeting with a homebuilder in Greensboro?

To keep everything moving smoothly, on budget and on schedule during a custom homebuilding project, it is helpful to have a pre-construction meeting. During this meeting, the Operations Manager, Site Superintendent and the Homebuilder will meet with you to go over the facts and data that will help you to understand the entire homebuilding process for your new custom home. HGTV,, explains how the rules that are set by the homebuilder can be described in detail during the pre-construction meeting, so it will be clear about what can and cannot be done during the building phase:

Builders expect their customers to understand the rules for building homes — what can and can’t be done. The customers need to know that within those rules there are times when they’ll need to make decisions. If the customers do their work on time, the builders can do their work on time. The result is a quality home that’s delivered on time — the way everyone envisioned it.”

There will be decision making points along the way when building a custom home in Greensboro, NC, and by sharing and reviewing all of the information up front; everyone will be better prepared to contribute throughout the process.

Accomplish Tasks and Understand Goals with Pre-Construction Meetings

Great communication leads to outstanding results. As a top homebuilder in Greensboro, R&K Custom Home Builders forms a relationship of mutual understanding and trust in the homebuilding process, with constant communication and scheduled meetings to make sure that all needs are met. When a homebuilder makes communication and knowledge a priority, the entire process goes smoother. This modern approach to homebuilding is the key to success, as noted at

 “Historically, construction began as soon as building plans were drawn up. However, the work flow was interrupted every time the homeowner had to make a decision. As a result, homes rarely finished on schedule, and customers were often unhappy. By making decisions in advance, the work flow is fluid from start to finish. Customers understand what can and can’t be done in the building process, and their expectations are more realistic — thus ensuring a better overall experience.”

Bring your creative ideas, thoughts and vision of your new custom home and meet to go over how each detail can be accomplished. R & K Custom Home Builders will discuss all of your available options, go over a detailed schedule and make sure that expectations are being met. We look forward to working together to build your new dream home. Contact us today at 336-643-3503 to begin working on the home design for your custom home.

(Source: Manage Expectations with Pre-Construction Meetings,, 2015)