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Building a Home with a Wellness Space

custom-home-gym-builders-greensboroThese days, more than ever, there is a specific focus on wellness. With physical and mental illness at an all-time high, everyone needs a place to relax and unwind. Create a wellness space in your home that provides you with a place to focus on your own health and well-being. It could look like a yoga studio, a library, an art studio, a music room, or some other type of space that allows you to be yourself and enjoy doing something you love apart from the obligations of daily life.custom-home-gym-builders-greensboro

When you’re designing your custom home, be sure to incorporate a wellness room into your plans. It can be an entire room in your home, a separate building on your property or even just a special nook carved out of a larger room.

Here are some ideas for building a wellness space from one of the most experienced Greensboro home builders.

A Wellness Space is Not a Home Gym 

First and foremost, don’t confuse a wellness room with a home gym. They are not one in the same. You may want to incorporate a home gym into your custom home, but your wellness room should be a separate room or area. The idea is for you to relax and enjoy the space. Your wellness room should be a space for you to get away from the obligations and stresses of life without having to leave your home. If that’s what a gym workout does for you, then that’s great. But it does not need to be the sole purpose of your wellness room.

Decide How You Want to Use the Space

It may help to know how you plan to use your wellness space before you incorporate it into your custom home plans. If you’ll be playing music at a high volume or dabbling in a loud hobby, you may want to consider a location that is away from bedrooms and main living areas. This is when a separate building on your property could be a good choice. If you’re planning on having a quiet reading or meditation space, consider locating your wellness room away from the main areas of the house where there tends to be a lot of activity. The size of the room will also depend on the intended purpose for the space, as well as any built-in features such as storage or plumbing.

Consider How Lighting Will Affect the Room

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, has a large impact on the mood of a room. You may want to incorporate lots of natural light for a reading room or art studio, but not so much if you’re a photographer in need of a darkroom. Artificial lighting is also important in your wellness room. Soft lighting will create a relaxing atmosphere and bright lighting will provide the necessary illumination for some purposes. Consider a combination of different lighting schemes and incorporate dimming switches so that the amount of light is adjustable to match the current activity.

Add Your Own Flare to the Decor

Make the wellness space truly your own when it comes to the decor. Use colors that you love, textures and materials that are comfortable, and artwork that inspires you. Add some personal touches that reflect your unique style so that the room truly feels like your own. Use calming colors and patterns that will help you feel relaxed. Include furniture pieces that are stylish and comfortable. Remember, you may be the only one who sees this space, so the only person to worry about pleasing is yourself.

Design the Wellness Space of Your Dreams with R&K Custom Homes 

If you’ve decided that a wellness room is a must-have feature in your new custom home, you need a Greensboro home builder who can create a space you will love. R&K Custom Homes builds luxury homes in Greensboro and the surrounding area in some of the most highly desired neighborhoods. An R&K home is truly custom-designed to include all of the features you want in your own personal style.