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Bonus Room Ideas

Ideas for Getting the Most from your “Bonus Room”

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The “bonus room” has become a staple of modern homes. Whether it’s the extra space over the garage, a finished basement, or even a den off the main level of your home, this room can be used for many different purposes. The key is to find a use for the room that is in line with your lifestyle. Custom home builders in Greensboro can design your bonus room with your intended purpose in mind to ensure you’ll get the most out of it.

Home Office/Homework Room

If you or your spouse work from home, a home office is a necessity. A bonus room can make an ideal home office, as long as you consider the location. If you need the office to be quiet and private, make sure it can be closed off from the rest of the house when necessary and don’t put it right next to the kitchen or living room. The office can also double as a homework room for the kids.

Home Gym /Yoga Studio

Dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle is much easier if you have a designated space for exercise. High ceilings give you plenty of room to move and natural light helps you feel more energized. Incorporate different types of equipment for the varied workout styles you and other members of your family prefer. Create a Zen space for yoga, Pilates, or martial arts. Include machines and weights for the lifters and treadmills for cardio. Don’t forget technology, such as a TV and audio equipment. Climate control is also important, so HVAC and ceiling fans are a wise addition.

Music Room/Art Studio

Does your family participate in the arts? Having a dedicated music room or art studio can give some members of the family a place to use their talents. Consider soundproofing if the intended use is a music room. You could even include a recording studio.

An art studio may need a sink for cleaning up and plenty of storage for supplies. Flooring should be durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean.

Game Room

Are games a big part of your family dynamic? A game room may be the best use of your bonus room. From pool and foosball tables to a big screen TV and video game systems, your game room can be a place for family fun or for the kids to hang out with their friends. Include a small kitchenette with a refrigerator for drinks and snacks, a microwave, and a sink for clean-up.

Spare Bedroom

You never know when you might have guests, and a spare bedroom can come in handy for those times. If you want to be able to use the space on the regular when you don’t have guests, you could incorporate a fold-out couch or a murphy bed so that the space can be made into a bedroom at a moment’s notice.

Get the Most from your “Bonus Room” with R & K Custom Home Builders in Greensboro

When building a custom home, your “bonus room” can be designed around the intended purpose for the room, with built-in features and specially selected materials. R & K Custom Homes has decades of experience designing homes around the homeowner’s interests so that the home is truly customized.

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The Best Décor for your Home Office

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A home office may not have been a priority for homeowners in the past, but with the recent pandemic, it has become more important than ever. You may even find that you need more than one home office to accommodate everyone who is now working from home. Even as many employees return to the office, the increase in work from home ability may change the workforce forever.

Homebuilders in Greensboro are seeing an increased focus on home offices, and with that comes the need for home office décor ideas. Consider these options for designing an ideal home office as part of your custom home plans.

Lighting Should Be Stylish and Functional

Lights can not only illuminate your home office, but also add style. Your office should be a place that inspires your sense of focus and motivation. Office lighting should be bright to help you feel awake and make it possible to see what you’re working on, but it should also be easy on the eyes. Choose bulbs that provide a soft glow. Include different types of light fixtures throughout the room and dimmable lights so that you can achieve the ideal level of brightness at any time of the day. Natural light can be both a help and a hindrance, so include plenty of windows with adjustable treatments to let in the right amount of light without causing a glare on computer screens.

Wallpaper Adds Texture and Depth

Patterned walls are back and easier than ever with new removable wallpaper. It goes on like contact paper and easily peels off again when you’re ready for a change. The right design can make your home office seem more spacious and vibrant to enhance your work at home experience. The wallpaper you choose can set the color pallet for the whole room, making it easy to choose other decorative pieces in complementary colors.

Make Your Office More Engaging with Mirrors and Wall Décor

Give yourself (and any office guests) something to look at besides 4 plain walls. Incorporate inspirational art and messages that help keep you motivated when focus is a struggle. Keep the walls of your office from feeling like they’re closing in by adding decorative mirrors to broaden the space. Clocks are a timeless office staple that can be both artistic and useful.

Office Furniture Should Be Purposeful

Choose furniture that makes sense for your line of work. Do you need additional seating besides your desk chair? Do you sometimes work better stretched out in a comfortable chair with your feet up? Will you need storage for files or bookshelves for reading material? Does your job require a drafting table, easel, or other specialty equipment? Your furniture should be functional but also reflect your own decorative style so that your office is a place you want to be.

Design the Best Home Office with R & K Custom Homes

House builders in Greensboro can design each room in your home to be just the way you want it, including your home office. R & K Custom Homes will create a home office you’ll love so you can work from home with style and ease.

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