Tim and Anne Swanson

“Thank you so much. This very generous gesture is yet another data point highlighting the fact that we made a great decision in going with R&K. Simply put, you guys are the best (and I tell that to everyone that will listen). You built us a beautiful home and have made the entire experience very enjoyable.  Thank you!”

We could not be more pleased with the experience in having R&K build our new home. They are not only highly competent builders with exceptional tradespeople, they are genuinely good people. There were remarkably few “issues” during the entire process, but in those rare cases where there was a challenge, R&K exceeded our expectations in dealing with them, turning a potential negative into a positive in short order. Kathy and Kristen were extremely helpful in all the design choices, partnering with us and the various vendors to make selections that kept us within budget while reflecting our tastes. From our first meeting with Paul, we had a high degree of confidence in him, which he proved was well earned. The end result is a spectacularly beautiful home, with very little stress on our part, built by people that we now consider friends. This house is too beautiful to ever leave, but if we were to build again in the area, we’d use R&K in a heartbeat.