Top Benefits of Custom Building your New Home

Custom home built by R and KWhile there are plenty of previously-owned homes on the market today, there is nothing quite like walking into your first custom-built home. There are many advantages to having the best home builders in Greensboro working with you to create your dream home. A new home allows you to personalize it to meet your needs and desires, while at the same time enjoying many years of low-maintenance living. Here are several major advantages of having your next home custom-built just for you.

A Personalized Home

When you are looking at new homes today, most are built to a predetermined set of plans. For example, if you walk through a new housing development, all the houses are built using a very limited number of floor plans. The best home builders in Greensboro will work with you to create a floor plan that best fits your family’s needs. You decide what rooms go where, how big they are, how many bedrooms and bathrooms your house will have. You also choose all fittings and fixtures, cabinets, color schemes and more. In other words, you have the final word in making your house into a home your family will love.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

The cost of utilities such as electricity, gas and water will likely only go up. Modern homes are being built using the latest in “tight construction” techniques with the most energy-efficient insulation materials. They are airtight and designed to keep in heat and air conditioning better than at any time in the past. New custom homes come with energy efficient appliances, low-flow showers and toilets, and LED lighting designed to maximize light and minimize power usage. All of this will help keep your utility bills under control.

Built for Special Needs

Do you need wheelchair access, special bathroom fixtures to help an elderly family member? What about extra space for elderly family members like an “in-law” apartment. Having the best home builders in Greensboro add these in while building your home is far more cost effective than buying an existing home and then having to pay a contractor to modify it.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When you buy a previously owned home, you could be investing in a wide range of hidden problems that are likely to show up in the months after you move in and cost a lot of money to repair. With a new home, your maintenance costs are likely to be far less. Most custom home builders in NC offer a warranty. Depending on the nature of this warranty, it might cover things like the furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, appliances, windows, doors, roof and more. This can save you a lot of money in repairs compared to if you bought an existing home.

Working with the best home builders in Greensboro puts you in the driver’s seat. You never have to deal with the hassle of house shopping and making repairs as you are moving in. This may be one of the least stressful moves you and your family will ever make.