Mike & Kristie Richardson

Our home is more beautiful than we ever imagined. Choosing to build a home with R&K was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and kindness throughout the process.

Lanette Moore

Thank you for sending your “A” team, Pedro and his crew, to take care of the nail pops, etc. (one year warranty). They did a very good job and were very neat and efficient. I really appreciate a job well done. It speaks volumes for your company.

Kristi and Stephen Foulks

Thank you so much for the invitation to your home on Friday night. It was so nice getting to know you and meeting some of the people you have built for in the past. It speaks volumes when you still have so many willing to give a testimonial after it is all said and done! We are so glad that fate brought us together and look forward to starting this project with you! …5 months later…Just wanted to send you this beautiful picture I took yesterday of the house. We can’t tell you enough how proud we are of our new R&K home!

Pam Mooney

God brings people into your life for a reason and that is what he did in my life with Richard and Kathy. I had left my husband after a 17 year marriage with no home for my son and I. Rich and Kathy had just purchased a home on Summerfield Road to put their office in, “instead”, they renovated the house totally and made it into a beautiful like-cottage with beautiful tile, crown molding, refinished the hardwoods, painted the entire home in beautiful colors and gave my son and I a place we are “proud” to call home… and that’s the difference between a house and a home! After 2-l/2 years of renting and going thru a hard divorce, Rich and Kathy have sold me this house, only out of the goodness of their hearts! May God Bless them because they deserve it!!

Chris & Betsy Papamitrou

There are a lot of builders in this area. Finding the ideal builder is vital to building a magnificent dream home on schedule. When we relocated to NC 13 years ago we had several bad experiences with some builders in Guilford County. Then we met Kathy & Rich – honest and professional who turned things around and made our relocation exciting -THANK YOU! They are very customer centric, passionate and committed to producing a quality home for their clients. Rich and Kathy always look for ways to help the clients and still provide the service and costs that make all parties feel they are getting value they are seeking for the services. 

Mike, Julie, Ian and Gavin Kelleher

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for everything you have done for our family. It’s not often, in this day and age that you find a company that is willing to work with individuals in need. Our situation was a little unique and both of you have made every effort to ease our transition – thank you! Prior to our meeting, I was extremely frustrated and concerned about our relocation to NC and the availability of quality, affordable housing we could acquire prior to Julie’s employment. After meeting with Jill, I still didn’t believe an entrepreneur home builder would “go out on a limb” and rent such a home to a couple of strangers. I was completely amazed by your understanding and willingness to forego a sure sale to cater to our needs. You have made our life easy and the transition exciting — thank you!”

Rock & Melanie Able

We’ve known Rich and Kathy for over 12 years. When we decided to build our new house, we chose them to do it because we knew it would be well built and look great. No other contractor in the NW area of Guilford County that I know of has a better reputation. We also believed that they would deliver us great value and they did not disappoint us. I had friends who asked me if I liked my contractor and I told them, “Yes.” They often replied, “Well you won’t after you’re finished building your house!” I’m happy to report that we still like them very much and are extremely happy with our new home.

Kierra Woods

Rich and Kathy Dumas,
I wanted to let you know that I absolutely enjoyed every one of your homes the last two weekends. They were very well built, innovative, and each gave me the feeling that I was at home when I walked through the door. Hearing you explain to me the details of some of the unique features of the Jessup ridge home was the highlight of my time at the parade. I would absolutely love the opportunity to do an open house for you and educate buyers on the exceptional work and detail that you put into each of your homes. I would even like to meet with you and find out more about your custom work and what sets you apart from other builders.

Adena & Jay Puchalski

Dear Rich & Kathy —
In the few short months since moving to NC, we’ve been very fortunate to have a half-dozen friends and family members make the trek from Atlanta to visit us. Without fail, each of them has raved about our beautiful new home. Of course, we think it’s pretty great, too! Our favorite things include the beautiful kitchen, the gorgeous floors, the moldings, the awesome drop zone, the screen porch, and our very spacious upstairs.

Mary Ellen & Bob Handlon

Keisha and Jared, (Buyers of the Handlon Home)
It was good to see you today, and we were glad to accommodate your on site access needs in regard to your interest in having some home improvements done here at your new home. While I do not have any prior experience in the services offered by Alan York with Closet Rejuvenation, or Justin with Distinctive Designs, I have the feeling you could not go wrong with having them help you with your home improvements. That opinion is based on the confidence and trust we have with our builder, R&K (Rich and Kathy Dumas).