Buying Vs. Building: Your Guide To Deciding

View from front of houseDeciding between buying an existing house and building a custom home is something that is never easy. There are tradeoffs that you will have to make no matter which you choose. There are also lifestyle factors that might make it preferable to search for a real estate agent instead of a custom home builder in Greensboro for some buyers. Some of the factors that you should consider when you are deciding whether to buy or build a new home are: 

Getting A House With The Right Function 

Whenever you are looking for a new home, that home has to have the functionality necessary to make life easier for you and your family. Buying an existing home usually means that you’re going to have to trade some function in order to get something else on your must-have list. For example, if you want an extra bedroom or a finished basement multipurpose space, you may have to accept a home that doesn’t have the mudroom you want or an open concept made for entertaining.  

When you have a custom home built you can select a home that has all the functionality you and your family need so that you can alleviate pressure and stress in your life. A custom-built home allows you to create a unique home that is customized specifically to provide the function that you and your family need.  

Getting A House With The Features That Fit Your Lifestyle 

Another factor to consider when you are choosing between buying an existing home or having a custom home built is the features that are available and the features that you want your home to have. Older homes that weren’t built for modern life may not fit aspects of the lifestyle you want to have. If you buy an existing home you may have to renovate and make changes to that home to get those high-end features that you want. Having a custom home built gives you the opportunity to have lifestyle spaces like indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, home gyms, or guest suites incorporated into the design of the home from the start so that the house has all of the lifestyle upgrades that you want in a new home.  

Buying A Home That Will Be Right For Your Future 

There are existing homes that have a lot of charm and might seem like they would work for your family right now. But your home should be designed to take your family into the future, not just to suit your lifestyle right now. A new home with smart technology, energy efficient design and appliances, and modern building materials is the home that will take your family into the future. To find out more about the options that a custom-built home gives you call R&K Custom Homes today.