Hot Products and Materials Used in New Home Construction

IMG_5992New home construction is increasing every year because homeowners want homes that include cutting-edge trends and design elements, and give families the function they need. By working with a custom home builder, Greensboro residents can design a home that is built for the way that today’s families live. When you are ready to build a home, look at using some of the hottest products and materials used in new home construction today to give new homes more curb appeal, make them functional, and give homebuyers the safety and durability they want in a new home. Some of the hot trending products that are being used in new home construction in 2019 are: 

Reclaimed Wood Used for Floors and Cabinets 

Reclaimed wood is a hot trend in new home construction because of the unique properties that it has and because it’s a sustainable building material. Homebuyers who want to reduce their environmental footprint might prefer using recycled materials in their homes, and gorgeous reclaimed wood is ideal for flooring and for kitchen or office cabinetry.  Reclaimed wood is wood that is salvaged from old factories, barns, and other old buildings when they are torn down. The wood is washed thoroughly and recut into lumber of different sizes. The original finish, scratches, and patina is left on the wood so that each piece is unique and has a lot of character. The salvaged wood can then be cut into flooring pieces or used as cabinetry or to provide decorative accents throughout the home. Reclaimed wood is extremely sturdy and durable, which makes it a great choice for homebuyers with pets or large families.  

Smart Home Devices and Appliances Throughout the Home 

Smart home technology is quickly becoming something that new home buyers expect to see in their homes. From smart security systems that are designed to integrate seamlessly with Artificial Intelligence devices to high end smart kitchen appliances, new home builders are embracing smart home technology because it’s what buyers want. Smart kitchen appliances are energy efficient and make life at home easier and safer for families. Smart washers and dryers with small footprints are minimizing the risks of popular second floor laundry while making the home energy efficient and easy to run. New construction homes are designed with the future in mind so that the home can be upgraded to accommodate new technology as new smart home devices hit the market.  

Fiber Cement Siding  

Fiber cement siding is one of the many ways that a custom home builder in Greensboro can give homebuyers the classic elegance and curb appeal that they want while also giving them energy efficient turnkey homes. Fiber cement siding is made from an innovative material that looks like gorgeous traditional wood shingles and is perfect for giving homes a beautiful vintage look. There are many colors of fiber cement siding available that will please homeowners and fit within a color scheme that may be required by an HOA. This type of siding will easily last 20 years or more with very simple routine maintenance. It is fire resistant, pest resistant, and won’t fade or crack from the sun or bad weather.  


Shiplap is definitely having a design moment and new home builders are using this versatile and durable wood as a way to add personality and vintage appeal to new homes. Shiplap can be used in almost any room of the home to add visual interest and charm. It’s being used to create paneling in interior rooms as well as being added to kitchen islands and builtin shelving to make new homes look rustic and comfortable.  

Design Your New Home with a Cutting-Edge Custom Home Builder in Greensboro: R&K

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