Myth Busting: 5 Home Building Issues in the Winter

Building in WinterHave you heard that it’s a bad idea to build a home in the winter? It’s actually a common myth. In fact, there are 5 myths in particular that are often believed, but not true about building a house during the winter months. One of the best home builders in Greensboro, R&K Custom Homes, wants to dispel these myths, not just to gain your business during the slow season, but to prevent you from postponing your plans for no reason, and perhaps even to save you some money. Don’t believe everything you hear. Trust the experts. 

Myth#1: It Costs More the Build in the Winter

This one is definitely a myth. While there may be some aspects of building in the winter that cost more, there are other aspects of building in the winter that cost less. Construction expenses may arise, but materials are priced much lower in the winter, which could actually save you more money overall. 

Myth#2: Labor Quality Suffers

This one doesn’t really make sense. Building during the extreme heat of summer is much more oppressing and potentially harmful to builders than the winter weather. Most builders would actually prefer to build in colder weather. Winters in Greensboro tend to be pretty mild anyway.

Myth#3: Lumber Gets Damaged by the Cold

This one is understandable, yet still false. The cold dry weather does affect lumber, which is why it is specially treated during the winter to account for the difference in weather. Framing will not be damaged and the wood will not lose its shape just because it is exposed to the cold. If anything, the wood that is treated for winter will be less affected by the cold weather in future winters, even though it won’t be directly exposed. 

Myth#4: Concrete Poured in Winter is Weak

For concrete to properly set in the cold, calcium chloride is added to it. The myth is that this additive makes the concrete weaker in the future. This has been proven false by years and years of solid concrete foundations, driveways, and walkways that were poured during the winter and have stood the test of time. Even concrete experts will tell you that there is no difference in strength. 

Myth#5: The Ground is too Frozen to Dig the Foundation

This is especially untrue here in Greensboro, NC where the ground rarely gets cold for extended periods of time. Even so, in colder climates where the ground does freeze, there is strong enough machinery to dig in anyway. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Building your Custom Home with Homebuilders in Greensboro

One advantage of building in the winter is that some homebuilders in Greensboro are more readily available to build your home than they would be in the spring or fall. R&K Custom Homes can only handle so many new home projects each year. Get yours planned out with your newly acquired knowledge of homebuilding. Call (336) 362-5225 today to schedule a free consultation with R&K Custom Homes.