Tips for Creating Your Dream Master Closet

14960117921_40484c85b1_bWhether you are looking to add value to your home or to indulge for yourself, the master closets built by R&K, a premier custom home builder in the Greensboro area, can be personalized to your tastes, incorporating personal touches such as shelving and custom vanities.

Build to organize your closet.

According to Organized Living, closets are the second most desired feature in a dream home, and are used twice per day; therefore, you should have your closet exactly as you want it to make it organized, pleasing, and comfortable to your specific style and taste. When it comes to building your dream master closet, think about custom shelving to organize and categorize your belongings. A builder may suggest top shelving be fourteen to sixteen inches in depth to store large items overhead. By adding accessory drawers and shelving directly in line with where the master closet door opens, this will create an open-layout feel. Placing a mirror at the top of this will provide the appearance of a larger space. If you decide to add shelving for shoes, consider flat lay and slanted shelves to accommodate your heels.

To make your dream master closet pop and add a bit of luxury, build a vanity or dressing table inside of the master closet. Be sure that your closet has plenty of light or add proper lighting if needed. The benefits of having your vanity inside the closet is that this will keep any clutter out of sight, it is convenient to your dressing routine, and you can enjoy the privacy of being in the closet space instead of possibly crowding the bedroom or bathroom while you dress and apply makeup.

Think about additions to enhance your master closet.

Once you have decided on the custom built shelves and vanity, think about other additions to bring your dream closet to life such as lighting, décor, and a sitting area. Proper lighting will be highly important to see everything in the closet, especially if you are dressing in here. Adding a rug or using a couple of shelves to decorate on will allow your personal style to show through and make it feel more like its own room. If you have some extra space, try adding in a chaise lounge sofa or an upholstered sofa bench.

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