1 or 2 Stories? How To Choose Which Style Of House Will Work Best For Your Family

two story custom built homeWhen you’re designing a custom home the first thing that you need to decide is whether you want a two-story home or a one-story home. Greensboro NC home builders build beautiful homes in both styles so no matter which type you choose your new home will be functional and gorgeous. However, it’s important to choose the style of home that will fit your needs and your lifestyle now and in the future. Not sure how to choose which type of home is the best for you and your family? Here are some things to consider:

Why Do You Prefer One Style Over The Other?

Some homebuyers are convinced they need a certain type of house but they don’t know why. Usually, it’s because of the house they grew up in. People who grew up in a two-story house will automatically think about having a two-story house even if it’s not the best fit for their lifestyle. And people that grew up in a one-story home will do the same thing. So the first thing that you should do when you’re trying to make this decision is to remove emotion from the equation. Concentrate on the function of each home and how it will fit your lifestyle.

Make A Pros And Cons List

A smart way to make a rational decision about which type of home is right for your family is to make a pros and cons list. If you have kids you might prefer a one-story home so that you aren’t climbing up and down the stairs all day putting the kids down for a nap or doing laundry or putting laundry away. If you are older or plan on having this house for a long time you might prefer a one-story house that will be easier to get around as you get older. Or if you have a home business or work from home you might prefer having a two-story home so that you can go to an upstairs office to work away from the chaos and noise of the family hanging out on the main floor. Make a details pros and cons list to help you figure out the benefits of each type of home.

Think About The Future

Many people invest in a custom home planning on it being the last house they ever buy. If you plan on your custom home being your forever home think about the future when deciding whether you want a one-story or a two-story house. Getting up and downstairs might be difficult when you get older, in which case a one-story home would be a better choice. But if you don’t have any major knee or foot problems and you like having two stories health issues in the future may not be a concern. You might be more concerned with having plenty of space for your family members to come to visit in which case a two-story house might be the right choice. Think about the life you want to have in the future and not just the lifestyle that you have now when choosing whether one-story or two-story house is right for you.

Factor In The Costs

A two-story house is great for entertaining or if you have houseguests frequently or if you have a large family. But remember to factor in the cost of maintaining that second story. Here in NC it gets warm in the summer and having a second story with a second HVAC unit can make your utility bills climb as the temperature climbs. A second story also means another mechanical system to maintain and more plumbing and other essentials that need to be maintained. A one-story house usually costs less to heat and cool and maintain over the years. 

Ultimately you will have to choose what type of house fits your lifestyle and your family the best. No matter what type of home you choose Greensboro NC home builders can build a stunning custom home that has all the custom features you want. You can start designing your dream home today by calling R& K Custom Homes or dropping by one of our model homes.