6 Must Have Custom Features For Your Luxury Custom Home

custom home Greensboro, NCBuilding a custom home gives homebuyers the chance to design the home of their dreams. Greensboro home builders report that homebuyers often work with the designers to create luxury custom features for their homes that will increase both the beauty and function of their homes. Buying a custom home gives homebuyers the chance to design living spaces that have the luxury upgrades they’ve always wanted. Some of the most popular custom features for a luxurious custom home are:

A Luxe Kitchen Island 

A dream kitchen is a standard part of a custom home and today’s modern kitchens usually are large and spacious which makes them perfect for a custom kitchen island. A luxe kitchen island will provide lots of extra seating and storage and can double the workspace in the kitchen. Go big with your kitchen island and invest in high-quality materials like quartz or marble countertops and custom cabinets so that you will have the beautiful style you want and great functionality as well. 

An Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen With Pergola

Outdoor entertaining space is an important part of life in the South. With mild weather for most of the year, people spent a lot of time entertaining outdoors. You can create the outdoor entertaining space of your dreams in your custom home by having an indoor/outdoor kitchen built. A gorgeous custom built pergola will spread out over the patio to protect it from the elements but it will still be open enough to enjoy the sun and the air. A grill, outdoor fireplace, outdoor living space, and a large outdoor kitchen counter with built-in storage and an outdoor fridge and freezer will make it possible to have lavish parties that combine indoor and outdoor living all year long. You will also love curling up on the outdoor living furniture in front of a beautiful gas fireplace in the winter. 

A Spa-Like Master En Suite

These days it’s not considered a luxury for there to be an en suite bathroom off of the master bedroom. It’s a necessity. But the quality of the en suite can be upgraded to a level of luxury that will make it feel like a customized spa. You can put a sauna in your master en suite. Or create custom-built vanities with built-in storage and specialized lighting for makeup application. A spa-like jetted tub and a huge walk-in master bathroom shower can also increase the feeling of the luxury in the master en suite. Heated towel racks, high-end finishings, and other luxury touches turn the en suite into a true sanctuary and not just another bathroom. 

In-Floor Heating Throughout The House

A wonderful luxury upgrade for a custom home is to have in-floor heating installed throughout the house or even just in the bathrooms. In-floor heating takes the edge off those chilly mornings in the winter and is fantastic for people who have foot problems, arthritis, or just hate cold floors. It’s also very nice for pets. In-floor can also save money on energy bills by keeping your home warmer without using the central heating system. 

An Upgraded Laundry Room

A laundry room may not luxurious, but it can be with the right custom elements. Some people prefer second-floor laundry while others prefer first-floor laundry. But no matter where you want the laundry installed in your home a luxurious laundry room that is large and open is a great way to customize your home. Built-in shelving and custom made counter with durable countertops for folding and sorting and custom windows that let in a lot of natural light can turn laundry from a chore into a pleasure. 

A Media Room 

Greensboro home builders report a big increase in the number of people adding media rooms to their custom homes. If you love movies and TV and you love to entertain a media room is a must-have luxury in a custom home. Media rooms are usually in the finished basement of a home but can also be put on the main floor or on the second floor. Custom-built theater-style seating and custom paint and curtains designed to recreate the true darkness of a theater along with custom built shelving and storage for home theater equipment can give you the media room you’ve always dreamed of. You and your family and friends will love gathering in your custom media room for film and TV screenings. 

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